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  1. Hi everyone, I am in the process of gathering documents for my N-400 application, and I just discovered the "6-month rule". Back in 2014-2015, me and my wife took a long trip backpacking across 9 countries in Africa, as our "honeymoon". That trip was just over 6 months (by a few days). I wasn't working at all, nor did I establish residency anywhere during that trip. We sub-leased our apartment in the US where we have lived before and after the trip. We also traveled abroad on other occasions, either on vacation or while working remotely for my current (US-based) employer. All together these trips do not make 18 months, but I am concerned about the 6 month trip getting negative attention. My question is: what do I need to provide with my application to make sure they don't flag it? I am already planning on attaching all my tax returns, and the rental leases for all 3 years. Should I also include a letter explaining this trip? Bank statements? Anything else? Any advice welcome. Thanks a lot, community!
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