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    Well I wold have to say our story is kinda crazy :)
    One day in November of 2008 I got a friend request on facebook,I have only had it for about a week,So I was new to everything. It told me Elias Prudencio wants to add you as a friend...well I got kinda nervous thinking.....why would a guy from Peru want to add me as a friend? well I started thinking he was a stalker...haha So I messaged him saying "I'm sorry I can't add you as a friend" and he replied "I understand"....I felt kinda bad so I talked to him through messages for about 2months and then added him.

    We talked almost every night for 3 or 4 hours,I created a MSN account and Skype so we could chat better than on Facebook. He told me about his country and I told him about mine. He happened to also be a Christian! so we got along pretty good.

    In April 2009 some friends of mine went to Peru on a mission trip..sadly I didn't have enough money to be able to go so I had to stay back. They went to Elias's town "Huanuco" And they got to meet him. They told me he is a wonderful guy! and that just made me more excited.

    So we talked one night ON July 26th on the internet...he told me he wanted to tell me something..well I got kinda scared...thinking oh shoot he has a girlfriend or something....well he told me...I know we have never met in person and we live so far away from each other...but "would you be my girlfriend?? I was speechless! I told him YES YES!! and he told me Thank you.

    We continued talking till October 2010 and he offered to buy me a plane ticket to Peru,I said really?? and so I found a roundtrip ticket to Peru for $711 and I flew out January 17th 2011. I had to get shots and my passport. which I got my passport within 10days of applying That was a blessing! I flew out at 7am from GA to FL and from FL at 5pm and landed in peru at 11:30pm. the flight was ok..about 7hrs and very bump so I was kinda sick once I got to Peru. waited for my bag for about 30mins and then I stopped at the door...I looked outside and saw all the people...I got very nervous thinking..."maybe he wont like?" well I told myself your here you cant go back now....I had 4weeks in peru. When I walked through the door I saw Elias....JUMPING!! with a sign that said Welcome to Peru Amanda!!! in English (hes been an English teach for 5yrs) then he ran around the ppl,I tried to follow but there was so many ppl. I got to the end and he hugged me....when he hugged me I KNEW he was the one I would be with forever.

    He took me to meet his mother,then we went outside to get a taxi. I got in the car and went to put on my seatbelt and elias said oh you dont need that. I said really? then the car TOOK OFF! I was holy crap! I think I need this!!! and he laughed. We met up with 2 of his sisters in the center of lima. The oldest one told me that I looked like Barbie..so funny...we got a few hotel rooms and I shared one with his sister Zabdi...bad thing was she didn't speak english and I couldn't speak spanish...so what were we to do??? well we ended up stay up till 3am trying to talk to each other asking whats this in spanish and english. it as pretty awesome.

    The next day Elias and I traveled to Huanuco on a bus. we got to talk and get to know each other better. I ended up staying 5months instead of 4weeks. when we went to the airport for me to fly out one Saturday evening he purposed to me! I told him YES OH YES!! and hugged him. the next day sunday morning I was to fly back to the States it was horrible...so heartbreaking...I cried the whole way home.....once I got home I couldn't handle being away from him...so I decided to move to peru...I sold all my thing with in 4months and I was going back to peru on a one way ticket for about $250 I went back August 27th and on February 25th we were married. Happiest day of our lives!

    We started the visa papers on Aug 6th and now we are on the final step shots and exam. we are going to lima September 5th to get his shots and exam and hope to have his visa very very soon! September 10th is our interview at the Embassy! :)

    2013 UPDATE
    We are now here in the USA! Hubby is working 2 jobs as I am still searching for one. February 25th is our One year wedding anniversary! How exciting for sure. Its amazing how time goes by so fast. There is nothing better than being married to the love of your life.... :)
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