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  1. I've always received an email when an action has been taken on my account, but I've still been checking online daily, to no avail. I wasn't aware there was an app, though. Which app is it? I'm really hoping I'm scheduled in March. But I've booked a trip for Easter weekend, so I'm sure that I'll end up being scheduled then - it would be typical, haha.
  2. Oh, wow. So you filed before me too because I only filed September 2021. I was so happy to receive my interview so quickly, but now I just want my oath so I know when I can go home and visit my family again.
  3. Unfortunately not. I saw someone else scheduled for their oath on 2/25 and their interview was after mine, in January. The only thing was they filed earlier than me, so perhaps it has more to do with filing date than interview date. Either that or something's gone wrong for me haha.
  4. I wonder if they'll hold more there, or if it was a one-off ceremony? Oh my gosh, how inconvenient. I was fortunate in that they reused my biometrics. Lovely how they don't refund the fee, though, eh? I'm sure it'll be so worth it once you're back in Australia with your parents. I hope the entire process goes smoothly for you and that you have a lovely time at home.
  5. Oh, wow! I didn't realize there weren't closer venues that held oath ceremonies. I definitely shouldn't complain.
  6. Possible. When I interviewed, I explained I was going to England for Christmas, and the officer told me my oath ceremony would probably be about a month out so I should be fine, but it's been over 2 months now. I know it's not the end of the world, I just want the process to be complete so I can apply for my passport.
  7. Oh! I'm just down the road in Lenexa. Hopefully we're both scheduled soon. I thought they scheduled people in order, but apparently not.
  8. From what I've read, I'd probably be scheduled for the Kansas City, Kansas courthouse. KC Field Office also covers Kansas Oh, well there goes my theory! I wonder why I've been overlooked. Ah, well. Back to the waiting game!
  9. Congrats! I'm glad you have yours scheduled! If you don't mind me asking, are you on the KS or MO side? My ceremony will most likely be for the Kansas City, Kansas courthouse, so I'm wondering if it's just my specific location that is delayed.
  10. I had my interview on Dec 7th, and I still haven't had my oath ceremony scheduled.
  11. Have either of you had your oath ceremony scheduled? I passed my interview on Dec 7th, and my account was updated later that day to "Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled." I've heard nothing since. This page updates often with ceremony dates, but they haven't put anything for February yet. https://ksd.uscourts.gov/index.php/upcoming-naturalization-schedule/
  12. Oh, I see! So that's the only way to get around having to wait for the US passport first. Thank you for the clarification!
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