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  1. Update: My ex-wife attended the Initial Interview at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City during the first week of December and it was successful. She described the interviewer as "kind of like a robot". She didn't mean that he was cold blooded, but rather that he had papers in front of him and a computer screen, and he just checked everything very rapidly (like a robot or machine),. He may have asked her like less than 5 questions, and then informed her that she would be getting a 10 year "green card" in 7-10 business days. She was told that he was able to go through every thing so quickly, because she was so organized. That was mostly thanks to me, but on a larger scale, thanks to everyone on this forum who ever commented on any of the posts that I've ever made on these message boards. This was closure for me, and also allows her to move on, and better organize her life, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH! She informed me that she just received the "green card" yesterday.
  2. I appreciate your reply. I'll have to ask her to see whether or not hers has English in it (hopefully it does).
  3. I'm helping to prepare my ex-wife for her initial interview for I-751(Removal of Conditions), and on the Notice of Action it states that she should take with her: All travel documents used to enter the United States, including passports. In a different section of the Notice of Action it states that: All foreign language documents should be translated. One member on these forums mentioned that she should probably get her Japanese passport translated into English, but a search of various threads on these forums states that one does not need to get their foreign passport translated into English. Those threads were all related to the K-1 process however, and not to the I-751 process, so that is where some confusion arises. Anyone have an official USCIS source that addresses this topic? What do you think is the correct thing to do based off experiences you've had or read about on these message boards?
  4. Thanks for putting it in that perspective. Just to clarify, she never had an "initial rejection" though. Her case was terminated because she never responded to the RFE in time because it went to a different address. You are right however. Despite me knowing the full truth, that doesn't make much difference in the mind of an IO that may suspect ulterior motives based on their experiences with these sorts of cases. Thanks again.
  5. @SteveInBostonI130 I understand fully what you are saying, but as she is going through this whole process, if things get out of hand, I'll probably be sought out to help her clean up her mess. I don't have any actual obligation to do so, but since it was an "uncontested/no-fault" divorce, I have no issues helping her out. As to why she doesn't create her own profile here and ask her own questions, I could provide a multi-layered answer, but it pretty much boils down to her not having the full capabilities to understand the answers that would be provided. @African ZealotI agree with you. It does come off as "alarming" and I will get that in check, as far as "looking too eager to help her", but I think one of the reasons for my behavior is because I do have some guilt. I'm the one that asked for the divorce. If I could have held on for a few more months, she probably could have received the 10-year green card, and we could have got divorced after she already had it. I didn't want to be in the marriage any longer though, so that's what happened. Since I do know her for over 10 years however, that's why I don't just want to abandon the green card situation. Thanks to the both of you for your replies though.
  6. Thank you all for your replies. Since I'm only in the position of "helper" and don't legally have any ties to this matter anymore, then I have to respect my ex-wife's wishes as to how she wants to go about this "initial interview". About a week ago, when I mentioned the possibility of a lawyer to her, she said that she doesn't think she'll be getting one for this interview. Her POV is that "everything is going to be okay", and that before the USA would get rid of her, they'd have to get rid of everyone else who is currently in the USA illegally. Also, she figures that since she hasn't committed any crimes and comes from a first world country, that the USCIS will probably go easy on her. Looking ahead a little bit, what are the possible outcomes that she can expect from the interview? If it goes well, they'll either schedule a second or final interview, and then go about getting her a 10-year green card? If it goes bad, then what's going to happen? Even if their decision would be that she needs to leave the country, she would probably have a chance to appeal that decision, right? I'm thinking that if it gets to the point where she would need to appeal a negative outcome after the initial interview, then that's when she would go about getting a lawyer. @Duncan21 I wouldn't mind being there for her on standby in the waiting room and telling her to let the IO know that I am waiting outside just in case the IO needed any clarification on this particular case. From what I've read in this thread, it seems highly unlikely that I would be invited into the interview room, but even if it's a 1% chance, then I'd be okay with that.
  7. 1.) Thanks 2.) Thanks 3.) The only reason I mentioned it is because since the situation is already cluttered enough as it is, I figured it might be best to limit paperwork unless absolutely necessary, so as to not further confuse or irritate the IO. 4.) That makes sense. Thanks. 5.) It's true that I'm a non-factor, but since I handled almost ALL of this from the beginning to the end, there is no one better suited than I am to help answer any questions that the IO may have. My ex-wife may also get confused due to her language comprehension level, that's why if there was any sliver of a possibility that I "could" be there, I would like to know. *Here is where some of the confusion arises. It "is" an initial interview, and they were already informed as to the reason why she never responded to the RFE that was sent for the first i751. In your answer to question #5, you mentioned twice "late filing", but technically neither the 1st or 2nd i751 were filed late. The first one was filed before the deadline, but the RFE they sent afterwards was never responded to. As for the second one, there was no official deadline. When we learned that it was possible to re-apply after being told that her status and rights were terminated, we hurridely re-applied within 7 days.
  8. I am helping my ex-wife prepare for her Form I-751: Petitition to Remove Conditions on Residence (Initial Interview). I am a US Citizen and she is a Japanese Citizen. We both live in New York at 2 different locations. **I typed the 5 questions underneath the dotted line** This is a brief timeline of everything that's happened so far (October 2005-November 2021) October 2005-April 2014- We met and enjoyed each other's company as a bf/gf couple April 2014-Late 2016- We were married in New York City and lived together Early 2017- After much damage to the relationship, our divorce was finalized, and she also filed her first I-751 with a Divorce Waiver Mid-Late 2017- Her 2-year Conditional Green Card expired June 2018- USCIS sent an RFE asking for the Divorce Decree (since it wasn't ready in time for the first time she filed), but she never received this RFE since it was sent to a different address. November 2018- USCIS sent a letter stating that because she never replied to the RFE, that her Permanent Residence status is TERMINATED (This also went to the wrong address, so she never saw it) January 2019- She checked USCIS for a Case Status Update, and learned for the first time of the June 2018 and November 2018 letters that she never received February 2019- Thanks to unofficial suggestions from VisaJourney, she reapplied for the I-751 During this time she was also advised to get an I-551 stamp in her passport, but she was never able to get an appointment, so she never got one. During this time, I may have accompanied her to get biometrics fingerprints done again, but I honestly can't remember During this time: she worked (she has a Social Security Card and NY State ID), received unemployment during Covid-19 (PUA), and filed taxes all years that she was required to. Also, she was waiting to be scheduled for an interview. November 2021- She received a "Notice of Action" mentioning an Initial Interview. She has been scheduled for December 2021 ================================================================================================================================================================================== QUESTIONS: 1.) Any advice from anyone that's been through a similar situation, (i.e. working and living with an expired Green Card, filing taxes despite not having an official residence status since November 2018, etc.)? I advise her to be completely honest with the interviewer, but what can she expect to be asked? 2.) The Notice of Action says that she needs to bring with her "All travel documents used to enter the United States" and that she should "take a certified English Translation for each foreign language document". Does this mean that she needs to get her Japanese Passport translated? 3.) The Notice of Action also states that she should bring an "I-94" and "I-512" if they exist, but even if she did still have those, I don't see what the point of them would be since they'd be older and possibly outdated documents from before she ever got her Green Card in the first place, no? 4.) Since this "initial interview" corresponds to the 2nd I-751 that she filed, does that mean that everything that happened before (things that were related to the filing of the first I-751) are null and void? 5.) I'd be more than willing to accompany her on her interview, but I don't fall into any category of "Only the following people may come with you to your interview" The interview will be at 26 Federal Plaza in New York. Anyone have any experience with this location and think that the USCIS would allow me into the place anyway, despite me not "qualifying". I know that rules are rules, but sometimes rules are broken. P.S.- I know that it may be a little crazy that I'm trying to help her so much, but I am the one responsible for bringng her over to this country and getting her into this mess in the first place. I'm not trying to get back with her, but I know that she and I both would love the closure of getting this long journey settled (at least for 10 years) *No attorneys were used during any part of this whole process Any help or input either in this thread or via private message is appreciated. Thank You.
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