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  1. Hi everyone, it it looks like April and May are getting approvals so June is hopefully coming up soon. We’re reaching 5 months now in November!! I’m hopeful for that 6-montj mark. Nebraska Service Center!
  2. Following! I applied for my mom in June and will keep you guys posted. So far, I’ve seen a lot of people from April getting approved and some from May. It looks like it’s moving smoothly. I’m Nebraska Service Center.
  3. Hi everyone, Just checking if by any chance anyone got approved? I know it's a stretch, but who knows... my mom's case just reached 4 months, so we are closer than ever to the I-130 approval
  4. @JeanneSs it’s possible it will get rejected! Mine took a few days too before it was rejected, no email or text. I just suddenly received the whole application back via mail. Why do you think it was rejected?
  5. Happy to see many of you as USCs. Congrats. Anybody filing for parents, join us. I created a May group because that is when I filed for my mom, but it got rejected so my PD became June 5. I am following people who filed in December, and they are getting approved, their I-130. So roughly 6 months for the I-130, then there is the NVC. Anyway, congrats!
  6. Yes, fill it all out before the ceremony, and sign all before. Otherwise you have to sit down and do it there. Put your home address.
  7. Thank you 😊 good luck Wednesday! And DO NOT send 2 payment forms. That was my mistake. Send only the check or the credit card form. I’m still waiting on the NOA1 to confirm PD. Not sure if online is correct. But it is Nebraska Service Center, which I’ve been reading it’s not the best 😩 I’m going to be praying for it to move quickly!!! Keep us us posted!
  8. Hi JeanneSs, My application was rejected on 5/25 so when I sent it back it was accepted 6/7. My priority date is now 6/8 so I became a June filer. Nebraska Service Center! Let the wait begin 😊
  9. Can I join? I’ll message you my number
  10. UPDATE Resent case after rejection, it was delivered 6/5/18. June 2nd (Saturday) - mailed case overnight June 5th - case delivered via UPS June 7th - Credit card debited June 11th - Received text message with case number Priority Date: 6/8/18 I had some hope they would use the original date they received my application which was 5/25/18. Guess not! You guys don't even know, I am so thorough that having a case rejected because of sending and extra payment (as reinforcement) is frustrating! I did my green card, I did my citizenship, I did many friend's green cards, petitions, visa applications, etc! I help so many friends. This was such a trivial mistake. Anyway, onward and upward. Rant over. So, I guess I am a June filer, lol. But I'll stay here with you guys too, we'll follow this journey together. Good luck to everyone.
  11. Hi Katherinejc, Here is one you can modify as much as you want. You really just need a structure to guide you but you make it your own.
  12. Hi subie503, The first time I sent both payments - a check and the credit card payment. I wanted to make sure they had a back up. After they rejected it, I sent only the form G-1450 and shredded the check.
  13. Well, I was wondering why I had not received a NOA since 5/25 and it was because my application was rejected. It was my fault for overpreparing. I sent a check and the form G-1450 in case one didn’t go through they could use the other. I wish I had researched before sending because that is not allowed You have to either send a check or the credit card authorization form. I took the check and sent it back with a new G-1450. Will be delivered Tuesday. So mad at myself! Hopefully we’ll keep the PD of 5/25!