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    05/23/2004 Met online
    08/20/2004 Met in person. Mike came here to the UK handsome guy! (he put that not me)
    11/09/2004 I go there to visit him in his mansion, great trip
    12/23/2004 Mike came over for Christmas and New Year great holidays, almost convinced him to wear the paper hat from the cracker!
    02/12/2005 My daughter and I go over for Valentines Trip OMG can she shop!!
    06/28/2005 I'm back over there to help celebrate July 4th (had to show them how to party!!!)
    09/05/2005 Mike came over for a summertime visit, couldnt drag him away from the coast, fish 'n' chips he loves them.
    12/26/2005 Mike is here for New Years visit woo hoo tons of fireworks he's like a kid in a sweet shop!
    01/26/2006 Filed for K-1
    02/02/2006 Cheque cashed
    02/25/2006 Something was done as the date has changed on USCIS !! (maybe they just shuffled the papers!)
    02/27/2006 Still says being processed decision to be made! but looked at.
    02/28/2006 Papers looked at again!
    03/01/2006 Papers looked at again!!
    03/16/2006 Approved
    04/04/2006 Medical Booked for the 25th April
    04/04/2006 Up to date jabs-one in each arm :(
    04/25/2006 Medical done now waiting for an interview date.
    06/16/2006 Interview @ 10.00 APPROVED
    06/22/2006 At last I'm reunited with my passport and visa
    08/11/2006 Fly to USA. No Problem with Immigration (JFK) no questions asked just took the papers and stamped them. Let the good times roll!!!
    09/01/2006 Social Security Number obtained
    10/02/2006 Married in Vegas
    10/16/2006 Social Security in married name

    10/20/2006 Letter informing me they have the AOS information, but they have my name as Lan not Lyn!
    10/25/2006 Touched
    10/26/2006 Bought A New Car
    11/02/2006 Touched
    11/02/2006 5 e-mails requesting more information!
    11/15/2006 Biometrics Appointment, also called to tell them again of wrong name
    11/23/2006 Touched
    11/27/2006 Touched sent to CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER
    11/29/2006 Touched
    12/01/2006 Touched
    12/05/2006 Touched
    12/05/2006 NOA Transfer Notice. Name still wrong!
    17/01/2007 Green card arrives with wrong name and wrong date of birth. I told them several times it was wrong over the last 3 months but still its wrong!And the saga goes on- sent the card back to the place I was told to send it-no reply so went to local office to ask them for help-they emailed to find out what was going on and then emailed me what to do. Sent papers off again to another office minus green card as it was with the first office! Papers sent back requesting more money and green card! Back to local office they can not believe the mess up between the offices they said they will try and resolve it! I wont hold my breath
    03/30/2007. Still waiting for the correct Green card, they know they have issued it and have the incorrect one returned, they have also got colour copies of it but no one will take charge and replace it so the wait goes on. Three offices battling it out to blame each other.
    04/10/2007 Now have written to my congresswoman for her
    help to sort out the green card mess
    Now have Ammended green card It only took 8 mths-3 to get it 5 to ammend it, but look on the bright side now on first name terms with local immigration officers!!

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