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    It all began with Star Wars.

    A long time ago on the blogging site LiveJournal, Heather met Gav’s best friend (and now best man) Kev. Heather and Kev both had Star Wars user names and quickly became online pals. After a couple of years of chatting online, Heather visited London to see the sights and meet Kev and his friends.

    Heather liked Kev & Co so much that she kept coming back. A few members of the tight-knit friends group ventured to the states to visit Heather and her family. When Heather celebrated her 30th birthday in Dublin, 10 friends from London joined the party.

    In July 2011, Heather returned to England for the first time in 2.5 years. Several people told her, “there are a few new members of the group you’re going to meet. One of them is Gavin. He’s shy.”

    Heather saw this as a challenge, so she decided before she’d ever met Gavin that she was going to make the shy guy talk. And once they met, they had plenty of opportunities to talk.

    Gavin had days he needed to take off of work, so he booked two weeks of holiday but planned to stay at home. Little did he know that his time would soon be filled with daily plans to meet up with Heather!

    The pair continued talking every day when Heather returned to the states, and Gavin soon found himself booking several trips to visit her in the USA. The relationship quickly moved from friendship to long-distance dating to serious talks of marriage.

    After several trans-Atlantic trips, countless hours logged on Skype, hundreds of emails, daily phone chats, and a few months , Heather and Gavin decided to get married ♥

    They researched visa options in both countries before submitting a petition for Gavin’s fiancé visa.

    Along the way there was a proposal. Of course Heather said absolutely – well, only after she asked Gavin “are you serious?!” three times. The man caught her off guard during the middle of her foodie ramblings!

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