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    We love animals, especially dogs. We both enjoy tinkling away at computers.

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    Howdy! We met on the net spring 2002, disappeared on each other but somehow stayed on each other's minds. Met on the net again spring 2003, became very close good friends fast. Summer 2003 Gwyneth tried to go for the Tourist Visa just for a vacation but was turned down for illogical reasons. Later we found out that it wasn't unlike most if not all single not too bad looking Asian girls that seemed to get turned down also for a tourist visa by the consulates. We understand the safety procedures and such but it is just ridiculous the way the good majority has to pay for what the bad minority does. We truly loved each other as best friends and geek buddies at first and have always been very open and honest with each other about everything. Winter 2003 we realized that we were actually already madly in love with each other and got engaged. We have tons of snail mails, emails and call each other each and every day at least once thanks to cheap telephone cards. We never met each other in person because of unwanted circumstances but we truly believe it is simply meant to be and God, fate and destiny has put us together binding us with the strong love that is needed in a long distance relationship for now. Both sides of our families already know the both of us quite well through emails and telephone calls and are behind us 100%. Now we are in the process of the K1 Visa (Fiancée) with its timeline we call The Torture Period, hoping it will be over very soon. We wish we were together already. It is just not humane the way political reasons keep our love apart like this. We would love to make new friends together, share knowledge and information about the K1 Visa process and other Visa matters in general, so feel free to write us!
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