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  1. Officially I believe she is single but has lived with the father of the grandson since he was born - 3 years ago she would have come also 8 years ago but she was pregnant with the 8 year old , she wanted to stay with the father - who ended up leaving less than a year later - it was a bad decision on her part
  2. Eight years ago we moved back to US from Colombia - my fiancé at the time and 2 future stepdaughters - now they are all US citizens Now my wife wants to try to get her oldest daughter and 2 grandkids here - the daughter is 25 - kids are 8 and three , father situation - the granddaughter’s father was murdered last year - the three years olds father has no issue with child potentially moving to US - my question , what is the reality of getting approval and what is an estimate of the time frame if they could get approved? we have supported the granddaughter since she was born and have always been a big part of all their lives
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