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    HoneyBoo-Boo got a reaction from LeftCoastLady in 3 years tax not enuff income, but think god i found a permanent job, will i be ok???   
    I'm really sorry to hear about the circumstances with your brother backing out on you. :-( I wasn't sure what the answer to your question would be so I called my lawyer to ask him about your question. :-D He did confirm that it shouldn't be a problem if you were starting your new job in November. It is VERY important that you do get your employer to write an employment verification letter stating your start date of the job, what your position is, and what the annual salary pay is. Also, you would submit 1-2 monthly pay stubs showing what you made for your new job too. He said that you should be okay as long as your income is at least or above the 125% poverty level.
    Try not to stress too much Pearl. God's going to help you and Aamir. When he gets here to the States, and you file the adjustment petition, hopefully, your family disagreement will be resolved by then so your brother can help be your co-sponsor for that if needed. I'm keeping both of you, along with many others, from VJ in my prayers.
    Take care and I hope you have a great afternoon. ;-D
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