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  1. My mother in law is scheduled for her Embassy appointment in a few weeks. My wife who is now a us citizen petitioned her. My question is. If she receives her visa does she have to pay for the green card at the embassy or prior to traveling to the states or can she just wait until after she is in the states to pay the fee online? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I emailed the embassy Monday but never got a reply. Nevertheless we got an email from the NVC today. Interview is set for next month.
  3. Got a notice a couple weeks back that my mother in laws application was being forwarded by NVC to the embassy but haven't heard anything yet about a interview from the embassy. Is this a normal time frame or should I call the embassy to confirm they have it or just wait a bit longer? Thanks..
  4. Need some help please!! My wife got her moms case number last week and we have paid both fees online and submitted the DS-260 application and working on getting the supporting documents uploaded. The problem I am having is with the I-864 support application and how to best upload it. Because it needs a couple signatures and some of the questions wont allow me to simply type the answers in and upload I had to print, fill it out and have scanned to my computer. So now I have 10 pages that need to be uploaded but you can't do it that way. It says they must be in one file and I'm having problems trying to figure out how? Any suggestions would be great!!
  5. I did a few days ago. They said they got my application April 19th but don't have a case # yet. They also said they may take up to 8 weeks.
  6. I did a few weeks back. Took them about 9 days to respond. Their response was basically I should be hearing something soon. So frustrating:(
  7. Question....my mother in laws NOA2 was on 2/16/18 and sent to the NVC. As of now we have heard anything since. We are in no hurry to speed up the process by calling the NVC to get the case # and start the online process but I am beginning to worry a bit. I see that others seem to be in the same boat. I'm guessing/hoping that these are somewhat normal processing times and we should continue to wait for the letter or email or should I call the NVC? Btw yesterday I did send an email to the state/dept inquiry like the letter said but haven't heard back yet.
  8. Just curious, what's the reason for calling the NVC to get the case number if they're going to notify you with it ? Is it just to speed the process up a few weeks?
  9. 7/24 17..thanks but not really sure what the priority date means?