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  1. Called stupid USCIS again. Was told March 5. Played around with numbers and saw they aren't even close to me. I hate talking to those robots that answer the phone. So upset!! Ugh, usually positive but today i just feel like this will never be over.

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    2. Ashley_and_Zhenya


      This was totally unexpected and now I feel GUILTY for having the first May NOA2!!! Silly, right?? I kept seeing all of the "unjust" order of processing and just KNEW I would be at the end of the line. I will say, though that my petition has been covered in prayer from top to bottom by myself and many close friends and family. It will happen eventually for all of us, and I have realized lately that if we can't make it through this kind of waiting/stress, we are all in f...

    3. More+Muyi


      Congratulations Ashley_and_Zhenya! No need to feel guilty. Seeing your approval shows they are close to our dates.

    4. JE06


      no no noooo don't feel guilty! i AM SO HAPPY vsc is moving it give us all some hope!!!! I was in a pissy mood yesterday... talking to that bozo at USCIS didn't help me either :) i can't imagine having their job... id have to quit... LOL

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