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  1. Interview for AoS is scheduled for August 19th. Ye gods, look at all the just-in-case paperwork we need to take along.

    1. CarlaDave


      Good luck! We took 3 full 3.5 inch binders and a photo album. If I could've thrown in the kitchen sink for good measure, I would have! Better to be over prepared than get an RFE at the interview.

    2. SweetDelish


      ha! well at least you are ahead in some processes! I'm having the change of address nightmare with AOS. we'll get there and at least I'm here. :) Hope you are well.

    3. Kassil&Tierce


      We're doing fairly well. Dreading all the reprints of all the paperwork yet again. If I'd known the process was going to involve this much printing, I'd have bought a laser printer at the start of it all.