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  1. An update on this issue for anyone else that has this problem. Apparently, this mistake has happened a few times over the years for international students with my sister in laws university. The international student coordinator said it was an easy fix. All that panic for nothing! As long as the error is a USCIS error you can work. She must provide the current card to the place of employment, keep copies of the card, then send the original EAD in for correction to the issuing center with an explanation letter and proof the error was the fault of USCIS. No fees are needed. They will simply reissue the card. Even if we had not caught this now, it could have been corrected when she applied for OPT (though it may cause a delay at that time). Anyways, hopefully this information can help someone down the line. edit: Additionally, the typographical error form is not the correct form, despite the automated system directing us to use it. We must mail the physical card and letter in to the issuing center.
  2. Thank you for your reply. We did fill out the forms correctly, write the letters, and submit evidence of economic hardship. All these forms had to be approved first by her international student coordinator (and so he also has copies). This is completely a USCIS error which makes it so frustrating. She has tried to get more work on campus, but so many places are closed because of COVID or only available to work study students etc. Any idea on infopass or a number where we can actually speak with an agent? The number included with the card simply had an automated message and they hung up.
  3. Mistaken Code on EAD Hello, I hope I am posting in the correct forum. My sister in law is here on an F-1 visa and applied for an EAD card based on Severe Economic Hardship, C3iii. If it matters, we filled out the forms with the correct code. It was approved, and she received her card last July 2021. In the meantime she found an on campus job and started working, so did not need to use her EAD card. Now, December 2021, she accepted an off campus job and is supposed to start working on Friday. Her international student coordinator just emailed her today stating that there was a mistake on her EAD card and it was issued for C03B or post completion OPT. Questions- how do we correct this error? The typographical error form did not work on either of our computers. Can we do infopass? Can she still start working on Friday as she has already completed all of her pre-hire paperwork? Additionally, can someone provide us with a phone number that we can actually speak to an agent? We appreciate your assistance.
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