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    We Met online in Feb of 2010 and became offical 8 months later. We first met in person in Sydney on June 23 of 2011 and became engaged on July 11!!! Since then he has visited in March of 2012 and submitted our paperwork for K1 visa on March 30, 2012. We have been so ready to bring him home!! Can't stand being away from my one and only true love!!! <3

    At this point we have been waiting a lil over 2 months!! I've got to say it's very stressful when you're unable to hold the one you love. I wish the there as a faster process. Please let this summer go by fast!

    So Summer is already practically over and It's now September 8th. We are now officially over 5 months of the estimated processing time 156 days officially from the NOA1 date. Service request placed on September 6. Wishing for some sort of response soon.

    09/17/12- No luck with Service request.... Letter said i'm within' normal processing time... At this point I want to tell my fiance I just want us to start our lives in Australia....

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  1. Received our Packet 3 today!! Yay! :)

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    2. SweetDelish


      fingers crossed you get an interview before the end of year!!

    3. kitkat1985


      Thank you!!! Me too! :s they are already scheduling December 4th by someone's timeline.

    4. SweetDelish


      yep, there is now 2x Dec 4th..another one yesterday, so thats good... I was surprised when they issued my interview date for Nov 27 on the same day as someone else who got November 6!! it completely shocked me.