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    Finally, visas have been issued for wife and her 2 children. We submitted our I-130 to USCIS on Oct-22 of 2013 and have recieved visas after 1 year and 1 month. We overprepared for the interview. Note that we had 3 separate applications, so a lot of paperwork. We were approved on the same day of the interview without any hassle.
    Our K1 petition was returned in July of last year after 4 months in AP and it has been an ordeal to come this far.
    Best of luck to everyone who is near to their interviews and especially those who have suffered returned petitions.
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    AMT7565 got a reaction from Vivian&Jaba in October 2013 I-130 Filers   
    Oct-22 filer here.
    Really getting frustrated at this delay.
    6 months now.
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    AMT7565 got a reaction from dirk_diggler in Help Please My Wife's Visa Denied   
    I strongly recommend you consult with a lawyer before responding;
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    AMT7565 reacted to deleteme in October 2013 I-130 Filers   
    Please, everyone, take a look at my post:
    The letter that is referenced in that post is here:
    Let's keep up the pressure, so that you don't have to wait as long as your predecessors have been waiting. --alaskafan NOA1: July 15, 2013
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    AMT7565 got a reaction from thedude6752000 in Should we file a class action lawsuit like Kaplan vs. Chertoff?   
    Agree with the OP.
    There is too much beauracratic waste and inefficiency with the processing. Both USCIS and State Dept are running with outdate policies, often overzealous actions and in the end, cause great harm to its people.
    Class Action Law Suits are not necessarily for after-the-fact incidents, but for remedying potentailly hurtful actions as well; they can be a precedent setter!
    Nobody- like some insenstive posters here- have a right to question a citizen's intention to remedy a broken system through legal means.
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    AMT7565 got a reaction from Salo&Romashka in I-130 Petitioners - Send today!   
    I emailed this list, with my own summarized letter calling for remedying this unfair deviation.
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