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  1. Thanks again Paul & Mary. This was a great relief to hear all three statements. To prove intent of domicile, I plan to have my friends take a picture of the room we will stay in, and a letter from them saying that we will live in their home when we arrive and stay there until I have a job. I will also create a formal document saying my intent to stay at my friend's house. Does this sound sufficient?
  2. Thanks Paul and Mary for your thoughts. I am a current resident of China with a residence permit. I need to spend time looking at domicile requires of my DCF. I have copies of my tax returns for the last three years.
  3. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think I need to research this more as well. I live in China with my wife. My wife and I planned to live with my friend over the summer while I look for jobs. My friend will likely be willing to be an sponsor and sign a affidavit of support. Does anyone know a link to information on domicile for DCF?
  4. I applied Feb 19, 2019. I hear we will be able to finish 1-2 months from a least one person who has done it before. Yes, if I don't get a job, I'll need a cosponsor. I know a few people that I can ask about that. I am a bit surprised to her that I would not meet DCF requirements. Do you know where the official webpage is that confirms this is a requirement?
  5. My wife is Chinese and I am an American. We are planning to have my wife immigrate to America in June and for me to find a teaching job as I have a degree and prof certificate in Music Education. I have already submitted the I-130 with the $500 something fee and received approval to apply for a visa. We have discovered I must complete an affidavit of support. Can I do this without a job? Do we have to wait until I have a job before she can apply for the visa?
  6. LightSear

    DCF Guangzhou

    Gotcha. My wife did vaccinations in Tianjin from a Consulate approved doctor, but I also heard the medical exam may need to be done in Guangzhou as well. Sounds like I need to wait for the email instructions. What makes it confusing is that after they say "The Consular section, which is part of the Department of State, will contact the beneficiary and provide instructions about applying for a visa." they also say, "For information about visa processing, visit the Department of State website at www.travel.state.gov or contact the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate." Do you or anyone else know if I need to wait for the instructions as it has important case information (eg. a case code) or would it be acceptable to call Guangzhou now?
  7. LightSear

    DCF Guangzhou

    Thanks Mr. Data. I do have a couple more questions for you: After you received your Notice of Approval, how soon did you receive instructions from Guangzhou about applying for a visa? I see you had 4 months between your notice of approval and when you submitted your DS-260 (online visa application). Was that because you weren't in a rush to apply? It looks like you had a month between your DS-260 approval and your medical exam. Was that just because it took a while for you to get around to booking a medical exam time or was it hard to get an appointment? Considering the dates in your timeline which days where you in Guangzhou? If I understand the process right, you were only there June 8, Dec 3, and possibly Nov 27 if you did your medical exam in Guangzhou. As for your question about Beijing. Beijing offers I-130 filing, but filing the petition only so you don't have to go to Guangzhou twice if you are in the north. If I knew it was going to take a month and a half, I'm not sure I would have gone through Beijing. My wife and I still have two months left before we have to leave the country, but the uncertainty of timeline is making me anxious.
  8. LightSear

    DCF Guangzhou

    Thanks, payxibka. that clears up a lot of questions. Does anyone have some experience with DCF in Guangzhou that could mention their story on when they got their petition approval from Beijing and how fast was the rest of the processing?
  9. VisaJourney Community, I'm a bit confused by a letter I received from the Beijing Embassy. I filed my wife's I-130 application, but I didn't get a NOA1. I just received a notice saying: "US Citizenship and Immigration SErvices (USCIS) has approved the Petition for Alien Relative (form I-130) that you filed on Feb 19, 2019. The beneficiary's classification is noted above. ISCIS forward the approved petition to the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in Guangzhou, China. This completes all action by USCIS on the petition. The Consular section, which is part of the Department of State, will contact the beneficiary and provide instructions about applying for a visa." Does this mean they've skipped my Notice of Action 1 and sent me my NOA2/approval? With DCF, my Chinese wife (beneficiary) will have an interview with a USCIS consulate officer in Guangzhou, right? There she will bring her paperwork concerning her vaccinations, and answer questions/concerns the officer may have? I also have a difficult time understanding the timeline information on visajourney. Can some help me understand, what is the likely timeline of when I'll get an email from Guangzhou, when would the interview likely be, and when the visa would be approved now that I know that I got this letter today? (Or is a timeline estimate too difficult to estimate this early in the game)
  10. Hello VisaJourney! My wife (Chinese) and I (USA) are almost finished with the I-130 and getting all the documents ready. Petition will be submitted Tues, Feb 19 at 2pm at the Beijing Consulate. On the I-130 page 7, we are asked to give employer information my wife has whether we work in the US or not. She translates for a US company, but is considered a contracted worker and not an employee. Is it not accurate to include this? I'd imagine it would be beneficial for the consulate to know that we have expected income from this company as we move to the states, but it is more important to be accurate.
  11. I live in Tianjin and so Beijing would be much closer for me to file my I-130. My wife and I will travel to the US for Christmas, We will travel to Austria for a Festival with my work in Mid February, and hope to immigrate to the US in June 2019. Will I have enough time if I file via DCF January after I get back from the US? For this thread and others I'm reading, I'm not sure if I'm cutting it too close. We plan to have her do her interview in Guangzhou in the Spring.