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    I was introduced to Shawn by his brother, whom I’ve worked and created a friendship with. I use to tell Shawn's brother my desire to visit Jamaica and that when I go I want to really see the country and not just the tourist areas. He told me about Shawn and how I could trust him to show me around. I asked Shawn's brother to give him my number and to my surprise he really called.

    I enjoyed our conversation and built a trust so much that I traveled to Jamaica alone. Shawn planned out my whole trip from landing in Kingston to the country side of St Thomas to swimming with dolfins and dunn river in Ochie. We climbed mountains and walked down river bends to get to hot springs during the day and there was a party every night. I had the time of my life there and knew it wouldn't be the last.

    Shawn and I spoke everyday when I returned. We have so much in common that we would finish each other's sentences. He felt the connection so much that he called it spiritual. I just know it was right and three trips later on July 7th 2011 he proposed on top of the first mountain top he took me to.

    I can't wait to marry my best friend. I never dreamed in a million years I'd find the love of my life oceans away...now I can't see life without him.
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