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  1. Dress like you're going for a job interview.
  2. Oathtaking done! Exactly 99 people in NYC Federal Plaza got sworn in this morning. I'm now a US Citizen!
  3. Congratulations!!! Did they give you an option to apply for a passport the same day? If so, can you get it expedited?
  4. Haven't been on in awhile but here is my update: Received mail on May 15 for interview date of June 14. Day of interview, arrived 40 minutes early at NYC Federal Plaza building. My schedule was 10:20AM, but was called around 10:40AM. First was the English test which lasted for 2 minutes. The ISO office just asked me to repeat a sentence, and to write down the sentence. Second was the Civics test, got it right the first 6 questions. But I could remember only 5 of them. 1. There were 4 amendments on who can vote, what was one of them. 2. Who is in charge of the Executive Branch of the government. 3. Who is next in line if the President can no longer serve. 4. Why do some states have more representatives. 5. What is one right from the first amendment. Third was, the ISO went line by line on my application form and asked the same questions again. Asked for more photos (luckily I brought more in addition to the ones in the application form). And asked If I brought passport photos which I did (thanks to this forum). Then the ISO said I passed the interview and civics test but he can't made a decision yet because he needs additional documentation. He gave me a list of additional docs to provide, like billing statements that shows both our names, my employment certificate showing who is listed as my "contact person in case of emergency", and any sort of documentation I can provide that shows spouse and I lived in the same home/address the entire duration since I received my residence permit (green card). This means any billing statements from 2013 the year I received my green card, until this year. He said I can return on the same day and submit the docs by the window or see him if I wanted to. So I went home and made a copy of our homeowners insurance which have our names on the document. Pulled out copies of past bills dated 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Then stopped by at work to get an employment certificate indicating who is listed as my "contact person in case of emergency". Made it back to Federal Plaza in the afternoon and asked that I see my ISO again. ISO then asked me to come back into his office and checked my documents..... and congratulated me and asked me to step into the next office to get my swearing in schedule. I will be sworn in as an American citizen this Friday June 23! Please update my timeline as follows: May 15, received interview letter June 14, interview date June 23, oathtaking Good luck to everyone on the forum, and I appreciate all the help that I got and I will be happy to return the favor.