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  1. Emailed NVC for DS260 error.

  2. I appreciate all your response. Thank you very much. Goodluck to your interview and Best wishes!
  3. thank you for that information, so if I include my husband as a co-sponsor I will use I-864? (just to make sure that we make enough income to petition my mom)
  4. ok, I got you... so I need form I-864A to use as affidavit of support, right?
  5. @Lynni so I need to fill up form I-864A in this situation because I am the petitioner? should i include my husband in the household?
  6. @Lynni One more quick question I-864 (affodavit of support) I-864A(proof of relationship) just wondering what is the difference?
  7. @Lynni thank you for the response, now I can finish the DS260.
  8. 2 days of filling DS 260...just making sure all information is accurate!

  9. hello all, I am filling up the DS260 online for my mom (Immigrant Visa Application). I am confused about the last question *Social Security Number Information* Question: Is this question social security number information referring to my mom or to me (the petitioner)? hope someone could enlighten me, thank you very much!
  10. @Lynni Thank you so much for that info. Same to you, I wish you all the best!
  11. Received my mom's documents via fedex. Next DS260 online.

  12. Hi ALL, I access DS260 online this morning (applying for my mom's immigrant visa). I did not finished on filling it up because I don't know the information about her parents. So I stopped on family information-basically parents. Looks like it is halfway throughout the application. In short it is *Incomplete*. Question: 1) Would there be any problem on accessing DS260 next time to complete the process? Thank you All. Your inputs is very much appreciated.
  13. my mom just had her passport from Phil...it is getting there!

    1. iMean


      It must be exciting for you and your family! Goodluck!

    2. markNmarieta



      I"m waiting for all her documents so that I can apply her visa soon!

  14. How is all doing? Paid the IV fee today, but I'm still waiting the passport of my mom...
  15. Paid the IV fee today, but still waiting the passport of my mom!