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    CA2CA reacted to Pitaya in K1 and K2s approved but passport still not available 2 weeks later   
    The wheels of the US bureaucracy sometimes grind ever so slowly, but they usually proceed ahead.
    Next year at this time, you can reflect on these times as part of your immigration journey.
    Hang in there! You are almost there….
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    CA2CA reacted to katchoo12 in Visiting the U.S. after NOA1 - Question   
    I had crossed many many times after NOA2 and even now at a month from my interview. The only thing they asked is to prove that I still have strong ties to Canada and that I have to come back. I do bring a letter from my employer saying that I have to be back at x date, my mortgage statement, a copy of NOA2 and my most recent pay stub. Of course a return ticket too, very very important !
    Good luck !
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