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  1. On a side note, her old passport with visa was under her desease husband, we both dont want that
  2. Ah everytime she comes we always have to bring 1. MARRIAGE CERT, 2. Her Expired Passport with valid 10 yrs US VISA 3. and NEW PAssport with updated husband last name? Can you confirm please
  3. My wife has a valid 10yrs US Tourist VISA, we got married and we would like to apply for her new passport using my last name. Can she still travel to US on a tourist visa by just bringing the soon to be expired passport with us tourist visa and the new one (with my last name on it) We just had our honeymoon in US a month ago using her old passport with tourist visa and were just about to start submitting her I30 petition. Thanks
  4. Originally in spanish, does all these needs english translation? And even snapshot of our chat logs? Thanks in advance
  5. The Saviour. So it seems she needs a VISA
  6. Hello there, My tourist wife is here with me (us citizen) in US for 6 weeks and were on a honeymoon, can she enter canada with me just for a day (vancouver) Thanks
  7. So we got in at SFo airport we showed d officer our returned ticket together on 3rd week of April. But y did the officer did not stamp any on her passport? Is that the new norm now? I was once a tourist and that time got stamp of entry date and smalll paper. She came in several times before as tourist and always get stamp. Now she did not get any. Thanks
  8. San Francisco Airport, im not sure if we will be separated on the line coz im US Citizen and shes on a tourist visa who dont speak ENGLISH (sorry my bad)
  9. So we just got married and my wife and I will be on our honeymoon to US, Im the US CITIZEN and shes on a tourist visa. We will be on US for about 6 weeks then we will come back together on April (got out return ticket together) We dont have our marriage cert yet from El Salvador so we cant file anything yet. Are we gonna be on the same line at the airport during entry? She dont speak spanish hoping she wont get any problem coming in.
  10. Hello, me and my fiancee will be buying a house in El Salvador in cash of about 40k dollars. How would i be able to accomplish the bank to bank money transfer, it seems based on what i read with this amount it wont be straight forward for some penalty or irs etc reasons. Please advice since i am in El Salvador right now
  11. another doubt, hes not any longer a Filipino Citizen after he becomes naturalize do you think it will be enough for his Apostilled Certificate of Naturalixation to be submitted? It basically mentioned there his birthdate and country of origin thoughts?
  12. Hola a todos, Im a naturalize us citizen (born from Philippines) and will get married in El Salvador Requirements are to submit divorce papers and birth certificate that is apostilled I have my birth certificate in philippines and needs to apostile it from my country agency but i was wondering if apostiled us certificate of naturalization is enough? Thank you
  13. Hello there, thanks for the reply So is that mean that California Secretart of State can apostile his philippine NSO birth certificate since he is a US Citizen?
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