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  1. Okay assisting a friend here and here's the scenario. I'm sure this has been asked here before but having a hard time to find the thread. * Will be qualified to apply under 5 Years on May 2021 * New n400 Filing Fee will start on October 2, 2020 * Processing time of the USCIS office where my friend belong takes 1 year or more So if my friend file N400 under 3 Years before October 2, 2020 (taking advantage of the current 700$ something fee) and assuming n400 interview date will be August or September 2021, is it possible that the interviewer will convert the application from 3 years to 5 years? What normally happens in this case? In my experience, I know how hard to gather evidence for the 3 years requirements but due to this ridiculous fee increase now it makes any applicant think twice to apply before the new fee deadline(more requirements but less fee) or wait until May 2021 (less requirement but higher fee) Opinion please? And thank you in advance.
  2. He/She can renew without issue, we just renewed my friend passport at chicago embassy last july 6 by appointment. No walkin allowed right now in any embassy
  3. FYI, talking about those who come here illegally, lets not forget those UNITED STATES CITIZENS that hire & advantage of them... one reason they have so much love!
  4. My kids came here 6 and 10 and "no ENGLISH at all". I remember my VERY SHY 10 year old at first had a hard time with his English homework. I did not help him and he never attend any ESL or special classes then later graduated belonging at the top of his class & now guess what totally americanize lol.. Kidding aside, I say don't worry about it, "normal" kids at those ages will easily adjust and adapt and I'm pretty sure they will be accepted and will gain new friends unless the kids are a jerk which i doubt. Remember this, at any school here there will always be newcomer or new immigrant that just arrived yesterday so its the norm.
  5. Where do you normally find their hiring vacancies so once can submit an application if coming from philppines?
  6. Based on what you know, which one do you recommend for lets say PROSTATE BPH surgery? MAKATI MED is a good option? Any other options just want to hear ur opinion guys.
  7. My 2 kids alone will be travelling to Philippines this end of May and will stay there for 2 months. I was thinking of cancelling but thinking about the situation there's no place right now that is safe even your own home unless no one among your family members go out at all. They could be safer while staying over there or vice versa who knows! Their first original stopover was Japan but just decided to go on a straight PAL flight by paying little bit more.
  8. BANG BANG NINERS GANG!!! SeaChickens are desperate Beast Mode is back 😁😁😁
  9. Hello, I'm asking this to help a friend, she recently graduated medtech degree in her home country, and would like to know the process whats steps she needs to do so she can work here. Currently PR and resides in CA, willing to relocate if necessary. Not sure if she can just easily apply for a job , or get some certification first or whatever needs to be done, please kindly share anything information you know about the steps where to start and what to do and will be appreciated. I'm not into medical field so i have no idea at all.
  10. I sent tons of ROC evidence just like yours to my attorney, everything that you can think of. But when i asked a copy of what they sent to uscis, found out they only sent those that are new, those we had not sent before. I felt disappointed with their move but luckily its approve no interview no rfe this is considering we had been stokes 2 years ago. Hmmm i guess uscis lost some of your stuff? Who knows y but anyway just send them again and im sure it will be over you will be approve. Also just a reminder have a copy and put them aside again in a safe place you might send them again for your n400 like what im doing now.
  11. Hello guys can you please enlightened what could be the problem here if you had send money to your kids back home and applying for naturalization? Sorry just dont understand the issue. thanks
  12. I am also a June filer, got 3 mails for me and my 2 kids. For me and my eldest will be reusing biometrics but not for my youngest who is 14 yrs old he will have to renew his, sucks that we have to go to his appointment on mar 26. We are assigned at CSC!!!
  13. So this friend of mine would like to leave US to visit her home county due to her sister not in good condition and would like to see her again maybe for the last time. She's just a GC holder for already 35 years and already renew it like 3-4x Do you think she will not have any trouble coming back here in US? for additional information, she had 2 assault charges both 20 years ago and all were dismissed. This is one reason she got scared obtaining citizenship.
  14. If you get the RFE and you still dont have the DECREE, any idea how long UsCIS can wait for you to submit the final DECREE?
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