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  1. One of the problems with Montreal is that what is accepted at NVC and other countries is not acceptable to them, hence this long thread. A lease agreement could be acceptable (without one there's no chance) as I assume you are not working now and either have savings or a joint sponsor. Make sure you take it and copies to the interview. And make sure you give it to the officer doing the interview and say - here is my lease agreement starting on such and such a date.
  2. In theory you should enter Canada on your Canadian passport. But I don't know how strict they are on this.
  3. I was just looking at my review of my experience at my interview in Montreal. And I have written that I took both my passports to the interview and that the first person I saw said that they always put the visa in the Canadian Passport.
  4. That's why you shouldn't listen to an old person like me. LOL. It's so long since I've done any of this that I don't remember all the minutiae. So the USC sends the petition and then the beneficiary applies for the visa? I was thinking 18 and resident for 6 months but as that's so easy to check didn't want to say for sure.
  5. I think there's just one problem here - you're a green card holder not living in the US. In this thread US Citizens are proving that they will (re)establish residence in the US. This doesn't apply to you because as a green card holder your residence is the US.
  6. Timing. Canada and Mexico used to have Direct Consular Filing. (DCF) Which if we had applied at that time would have saved us money as we wouldn't have had to go to Montreal. Anyway, I'm not sure exactly when DCF was stopped in Mexico and Canada but some time in 2011 I'm guessing. So when the change was first made, applications that would have normally gone to the local consulate were fast tracked. This is why ours was quick and would have been quicker if we had been speedier in obtaining tax transcripts. Still had to deal with reestablishing residence. I don't know when they stopped the fast track.
  7. Because users like the terminology to be correct, it is the USC (your wife I presume) who is applying for the visa. You are the beneficiary. But you want to do this with your Canadian Citizenship and the visa placed in your Canadian passport. On the application you state all your nationalities and obtain police certificates for all the places you have lived (except US). I can't remember off the top of my head if it is over age 18 and how long you have to have lived somewhere but that will be easy for you to find out.
  8. What kind of situation do you mean? Exactly the same as you - French and Canadian - more than one citizenship - spousal visa in Canada?
  9. There's a huge difference between a green card holder and a Citizen. A US citizen can not be denied entry into the US. It is much more problematic if it is perceived that you have given up your permanent residency. You state yourself that you are officially residing in Canada, so how can you be a Permanent Resident of the US?
  10. gad33

    IR1? New here!

    In the last year there have been 2 success stories and one 221g. The thread is so long because people (sometimes the same people) ask the same questions over and over again. Also a commonality with the forums is people not coming back to post success stories.
  11. gad33

    IR1? New here!

    Ugh, I wish people who haven't been through the process wouldn't say things like this. There's a whole thread dedicated to Montreal and domicile as you know and the majority are successful once they understand what is required.
  12. gad33

    IR1? New here!

    I see that you have posted about domicile in the separate domicile thread. That will be helpful for you as many people who have gone through the experience or are going through it post there. Also you can decide what is best for your family once you have all the information.
  13. thanks for coming back with the update. And best wishes for the next phase of your life.
  14. A test case means the first one to do it which is certainly not the case going by the size of this thread. I have also noticed lately that number of posts saying you have to move back to the US and re-establish domicile. I have also noticed that these posts are from people who do not live in Canada and/or are not going through the process. So consideration has to be given to the knowledge of the poster. I do hope that once you have your visa you stay on the boards to advise those that follow.
  15. I'm not sure why you say your's will be a test case, there have been many, many people on this thread who have stayed together and not moved until visa has been issued. This thread is to help applicants ensure they have all the documentation to , hopefully, have the visa issued at time of interview.
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