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    After a year of separation from my now ex-wife I joined an online dating site to meet someone 10-15 miles from where I live in San Antonio, Texas. A few months later the dating site sent me Joynelyn's profile. Gotta be a mistake, I said 10-15 miles not 8,000 miles. I sent her a short message even though her profile showed that she hadn't visited the site in 2 months. I didn't receive a response from her. 1 month later, the dating site sent me Joynelyn's profile again and she still hadn't visited the site. Now I'm thinking, God is telling me something here and so I sent her another message. This time, within just a couple hours I received her response! :) Well, that was August 24, 2003 and we just hit it off immediately.

    I tried a couple times to travel to Cebu City to visit my Beloved Joynelyn, but was delayed because of my ex-wife drug out our divorce as long as she possibly could. This almost caused Joynelyn to give up on me and our relationship, but we remained strong and hung in there until I finally visited her Nov. 26 - Dec. 26 of 2005. Our time together was the most wonderful 30 days of my life. I can't wait for her to be home with me to make the rest of my days just as wonderful.
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