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  1. Got transferred to Nebraska last month as well and I did not file for the N-400.
  2. Got the same notice last week. Today received notice in mail that the case got moved to Nebraska service center. I wonder why do we even receive these notices? I mean they don't tell much and leaves the petitioner clueless.
  3. March 2018 case was transferred to a local office. Jan 18 Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction. And a letter was mailed. Does anyone have any idea what this means?
  4. I didn't include anything on my wife's pregnancy. I could be wrong though, but USCIS doesn't care about ongoing pregnancies so its irrelevant to include anything related to.
  5. Obviously traveling with the extension letter is not an issue, but using the Kiosk is the major issue. In the old days, it used to be US Citizens/Permanent Resident line, but there isn't one now. We've waited an hour just to approach the damn Kiosk and of course it didn't go through. The idiot worker told us to get in line all over again with all the other immigrants to see the officer at the booth.
  6. We didn't have a problem too, just the inconvenience because the Kiosk declined the card and we had to get in line with all the other ESTA and Visa immigrants.
  7. Traveled overseas, got back and found the 18 months extension in the mailbox. Unfortunately, traveling with the expired green card is a mess. Waited an hour in line just to get to the Kiosk, then the green card didn't go through because its expired and had to wait another half an hour to see the officer at the booth. Terrible experience at ORD.
  8. Good to know. We will be flying from Frankfurt as well. Quick question. Can you check in online with an expired green card?
  9. Every institution has its own policy. The extension letter is more of a immigration document rather than prove of anything.. For instance.. The SSA office did not take my passport card as proof of status The CVS does not sell the prescription drugs if your DL is expired. They don't take the US passport either
  10. Just checked the other receipt number.. On March 4 the case has been transferred to a local office..
  11. Yeah, I know you must carry at all times. Was a bad planning on our part. Per that link it doesn't say you must bring the green card and the driver's license should be sufficient. Also, the green card could have been expired and to carry one would make absolutely no sense. I assume the office was mostly full of daca people. Seems like they're getting all the credits regardless of being out of status.
  12. Did they ask for the green card? My wife had an appointment today as well. We did not take her green card because the NOA doesn't say you need to bring one unless its for citizenship. So the front clerk immediately called for the supervisor. The supervisor came and asked for the green card. I said we've been following the NOA instructions, but my pregnant wife got schooled how she is required to carry the card at all times and could be arrested for that.. Then took the driver's license, went to the office and came out with the copies of the card.. The FP process took probably less than 3min.