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  1. OH wow. many years?? interesting. Ok thank you so much for the information Paul!
  2. Sorry to butt in but i keep on seeing extension letters. they are issuing extension letters because they cant review and issue a decision within 90 days???
  3. @Daphne K your explanation is clearer and better and i appreciate the clarification, thank you so much. Yeah, i just need to figure out that divorce decree thing, whether to include it or not.
  4. @Mollie09it doesnt really matter to me as what i need to know is if i/we need to include the divorce decree, and not to figure out who the beneficiary or the recipient is. All i know is i am the usc. ok?
  5. Thank you @Unlockable @happyg uscis website. They changed their rule as of Dec2018 saying couples filing for ROC are now required to attend the interview. I know they could waive the interview appointment before. And yes i am the usc and we are both filing, not just me.
  6. Hello. Im just wondering if i can ask for guidance from your guys. Im the usc and i would like to know if i need to include my divorce decree from previous marriage when we submit our i-751. Thank you
  7. Hello everyone. I just want to ask if i(usc) need to include my divorce decree from previous marriage when i submit my i-751 for my spouse(gc)? also i read online that as of Dec2018, spouses are now called in for interviews when removing conditional gc? thank you for any info you can share
  8. thank you. Question, i was checking your timeline and saw "..case ready to be scheduled for interview" on 5/29/2019" I-751 has interview??
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