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    I love my muscle cars (mopar or no car!)! I have a 71 Super Bee and a 73 ralley charger. <br><br>My sport is Off road Motorcycles. I have been racing them sense I was 12 years old. My bike of choice is KTM.<br><br>Love to travel and meet people of different cultures.

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    I signed up on Filipina heart in December of 2003. I met many ladies there and most seemed very nice. Then I meet my gal on January 27, 2004. I knew from our first few emails I had found someone very special. I just had to go see her! I booked my ticket at the end of February to fly there on March 24, 2004. We emailed and talk on the phone everyday.

    Finally the day to leave arrived. After sitting on planes and in airports for nearly 32 hours I finally arrived there in Cagayan. I was the first on the plane in Manila so I was the last person to get my luggage there in Cagayan. As I stood there look out the airport there were so many faces. I hate to say everyone looks the same because they don’t but when you look out at a 100 faces and they are all brown eyes, tan skin and black hair I began to worry.....will I recognize her?....I have only see pictures!...maybe she will look different in person!....so many thoughts. Well by the time I retrieved my luggage the crowed had turned in to about 30 people. As I walk out of the airport I hear my name and there she was!! She was so excited to see me her voice was shaking. Mine too!!! First thing she did was come and give me a big kiss and with tears in her eyes she said.....im so happy to see you. I had worried that you would not come to see me. I told her I always keep my promises.

    Her cousin was waiting for us. He was a taxi driver. So off we go to meet the family. I was very nervous about meeting them. I had heard that parents there are very easy to offend.
    She had assured me her parents were very easy to get along with. She was right! Her whole family was varying wonderful to me. Everybody was so interested in taking with me. After a couple hours of visiting we went to the hotel so I could get unpacked and get some dinner.

    The next day I got up early and we headed out to the province she was from. She wanted me to meet all her relatives and see the property that she owned there. Her province was about 40 minutes for the Cagayan. When we arrived we had to walk a 100 yard up a trail to get to the home that she was born in. Wow do I feel spoiled!! She was born in a grass hut. It measured all of 12' x 12'. No walls just a roof. As we stood there relatives started popping out of the woods everywhere. They must have radar! I don’t know how they knew we arrived. Her uncle invited us to go to his house for dinner. He lives down the path farther. When I arrived there they were cooking fish. Whole Fish...heads guts and all. They had them laid out on the hot coals. Good thing im an easy eater. Dinner was served! I ate many things I had never had the chance to try before and for the most part I liked or loved everything. One thing I don’t like thought is Durian fruit. I can eat it but I don’t enjoy it. It tastes like a petroleum product to me. Yuk! I have had if before out of a can but they had fresh there so I thought maybe it taste different. It didn’t!!

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