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    Mercy, Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Photography, and Sightseeing

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    K-1 Visa
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    My Story: We fatefully met in February 2010 on FilipinaLoveLinks.com. Something about her sparkling eyes holding her new puppy "Shaela" caught my eye. I wrote her immediately. On February 22nd- she wrote back and said "Hi" to me. That was the very beginning of my continual blossoming loving relationship with Mercy.

    We continued to write to each other on the FilipinaLove Links website. Then we exchanged our personal emails and pictures. She told me that we could talk with each other on an instant messenger. We started using "Yahoo Messenger". She had a webcam and I purchased one soon after we started messaging each other. Everyday we talked to one another through YM. Sometimes three or four times a day. Sometimes all night long. Everyday we write and see each other on webcam now. We tried phone calls- but connection was poor and although it was great to hear her voice, I truly missed seeing her. We wrote cards and letters- but it took weeks for the mail to get through. I lived for my times with Mercy. In April 2010 I knew I had to meet her. Somehow I needed to find a way to go to the Philippine Islands. I was taking a new job and moving to Arizona in the Summer. She was starting school in the Fall to learn caregiver skills. I vowed i would find a way to get to the Philippines to see her in person. I had to know if my strong feelings for someone I had never even touched were the "real thing". I had never traveled outside of the country before. I was still in financial difficulties from my divorce. With my new job, it would be awhile till I earned time off. The soonest I could go see Mercy was on our Anniversary month of February 2011. I made plans all fall and winter. On Valentines Day 2011, I met Mercy for the very first time in person at the airport in Manila. Even now I am flooded with emotions thinking of my times with her from the very first time I touched her that day. It was a continuation of "love at first sight". All I can say is- that was the happiest two weeks of my life. And when I had to leave and ever since that day I held her in my arms the last time- I have been so sad and miserable. Now I am waiting... and hopeful for a new beginning- when I can ask Mercy in person to be my wife and place the ring on her finger.

    My story:(Mercy)
    I never thought that my life will never be happy again until i met Bruce. Like Bruce told we met at FilipinaLoveLinks.com site. Before I was trying to ignore his email/letter for me. He sent me few emails but then impressed when he used some Tagalog words to write me. Since I saw his profile at FilipinaLoveLinks that he was an American, so I asked him why he know Tagalog. He answered that he was looking and trying to learn some Tagalog Phrases. But I was feel and believe then that he was very nice person. I know and I believe in my Insticnt. So that was the beginning contacting to each other. Talking/chatting on ym. Seems like our days is not complete without talking everyday. Our life focused in everyday routine talking at ym. We developed and both fell inloved to each other and our love become deep and stronger and stronger. He decided to go here and meet me in the Philippines. I can't express the feelings that i had when he told me that he will come and meet me here. He's been here with his Mom Nina last February 14-28. We are both excited and happy for the very first time and day of our meeting. We spent time together, fun, he met my family here also. He promised me to marry me. And now we are waiting for my K1 Visa process. I hope and waiting as long as it will take...I love BC very very much....

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