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  1. I am trying to be proactive. While I am waiting for the NVC to get back to me, I will keep my mind occupied. So I have decided to start working on the documents I need to send to my fiance in preparation for the interview. I would appreciate if I can get a list of documents to start putting together. Also, has anyone sent packages by DHL or Express mail to Nigeria before? How effective was this and what was the cost. Ideas anyone?

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    2. TEE&ESS


      wow, that's a lot. But, was there any extra drama involved when the parcel arrived in Nigeria? were you able to track it? Also, if you don't mind, what were some of the things you had to send?

    3. Afrikan Queen

      Afrikan Queen

      I sent mine DHL, no hassle, and it's expensive and he received it I think less than a week (I can't really remember). I asked about FedEx and the guy told me it was like $10 more and it would have taken an extra day. I sent a lot of documents; everything he needs for his interview and any additional evidence (phone records, pics, IM, emails).

    4. TEE&ESS


      That's encouraging Joyjoy, thank you much. I might check for quotes/rates online. I'm guessing i will go with DHL but I'll do some comparisons first. How about documents to send. Any ideas?

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