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  1. our mom and dad got their DQ in March 03 2022 so aprox how will it take for the interview and time frame
  2. NVC is a joke submitted a NVC expedite process for my mother in law because my father in law died simply they did not even show to consulate simply they said that consulate did not accept NVC basically lied to us did not take any action after 1 hour of email of my sent copy visa class IR5 just sharing FYI.. did anyone felt it same way what we are going through nvc is completely joke why state department do not do something about it
  3. DQ'ed : Mar 2 2022 Consulate: Mumbai Priority Date: AUG 21 2020 Visa Class: IR5
  4. Another lockdown in China could affect the operation
  5. IR5 Completed at NVC waiting on interview at Mumbai what is the Head Count our DQ qualify on 03/02/2022 what is the latest status
  6. same happend to me as well they are dumm people in NVC chair making us loose our hope
  7. any movement on IR5 visa for citizen daughter filing for parents case is at NVC and they have not checked the documents since June 27 2021 we been waiting for a while with no answer to our question when will this game will be over
  8. They do not send anything to the consulate even the first time either I think they re decline Al the request
  9. What was date that they completed and when did nvc receive your case
  10. June 22 2021 is the all document submission date date they review the doc was august 08 2021
  11. twist to my NVC process is i have submitted all my documents correct and they still gave us RFE for my father in law our is IR5 case Mumbai India NVC is being a pain lately please can someone take action on NVC and fix this backlog
  12. any moment on Potomac Service location we are waiting for NOA 2 our filling date is July 2020 did anyone see any moment
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