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  1. Good Morning Friends.. Long Story..I wish to thank each and everyone here for the guidance,directions and advices given to me during this whole headache America journey right from the beginning of a visas processing, Adjustment of Status,Removal of Conditions and to the Citizenship.. My journey was really a hectic one and during my stages, i felt like giving up but finally, I'm now Happy man. IT PAYS TO WAIT!! Little about my journey. We started the process in 2010 after my soon to be my ex visited me in 2009.Everything was okay then.After she returned to the states and we decided to file a K1 visa, she loosed her job and as i was working in my home country, I tried my best to send her the money for her to file and keep help her financially sounds untill she found another job..I was finally called for interview for my visa in November 2011. Everything went well but i was put into AP for 1 year. It came to a time that i decided that, let me just forget about the visa and America. I was finally called to go and updates my medical and police reports which i did and when i returned those documents to the embassy, i will given a blueslip to pick up my visa on 28th December 2012. I finally come to USA on 6th April 2013. We got married and i finally found out many reasons why the embassy put me on AP for that long.1. My Wife was on section 8, She was taking assistance from agencies to pay even her lights and other bills.. On foodstamps and manymore.. To make this marriage work for both of us, i asked her to get a new appartment which i will take responsibility of the rents and she can just be paying the lights bills and gas. She agreed and convinced me that she talked to the section 8 people and they have agreed for us to be paying $700.00. I was like okay. Every month, i make sure i give her the money to pay the bills and buy groceries for the house. Put gas into her car for her to be taking me to work during the night as i was working at Gas stations then. My soon to be my ex will not bother to take me to work anytime i filled up her jeep of $70.00 of gas by then the gas price was over $3.00 and i had to call some friends to be taking me to work..I was asked oneday by a friend that they way she is treating me,he think she might not be paying the rents therefore he adviced me to ask my wife if i can see the bills. Anytime i asked her to see the rent bills, she will get mad at me and then I noticed that something is not right..I told her that i cant continue working at gas stations. I need a better job with benefits and good remuneration and before i can do that i have to save some money to pay for my Adjustment of Status which was $1,070.00 then. She wasn't in favor of that but i must do it.I filed it. Went to the interview and got my conditioned greencard in March 2014. Every trust started falling out when i oneday opened the mail and found our rent bills. And to my surprise, soon to be my ex was only paying $194.00 and still under section 8 but keep taking $700.00 from me each month. I was pissed off about that and when she came home, i confronted her whats going on why is she doing this?.. She rather was mad at me that why i opened her letter lol.. I was really confused but all i was trying to do is for us to have a good life together. I finally had to get me my own apartment when police arrested my step son for selling weed in the house. According to the police, the house is been used as a storage of weed.I dont want to go to jail with something i know nothing about.I left the house to go stay by myself. She cant afford the 194 a month anymore and had to moved to her mother's house. Her son again went and shoot someone in the leg and he had to be sent to prison for 5 years in 2014.She was depressed and kept calling me asking me to forgive her for us to move back together.. I feel sad for her and her mother said Alex i want u to come lives with us for u to be the man in the house. I feel bad and terminated my lease and pay any fees applied and moved to live with my ex to be soon and the mother. 6 months after i moved back with them oneday when i came back from work, my mother inlaw was not in the house when i asked my soon to be ex about her whereabout, she said she took her mother to a nursing home without even telling me. I felt so sad and angry. Anytime i visited my inlaw at the nursing home, she alway cry to me to take her home. She will always wanna go with me to her house and the nurses at the facility has to convince her that Alex is not leaving yet. I decided not to go visit her nomore.At her mother's house, the same issue about not paying bills.. She switched most of her bills into her late sister's names and anytime i asked her why, hell break loose.Now for my removal of condition, i filed on 16th Feb.2016. Had interview on October 12, 2017 (18 months before interview)and still no decision till March 16 2019 when the card was mailed to me. Filed my citizenship on February 2019 base on 5 years rules. Went to Biometric appointment on 26th March 2019. Interview on August 6th 2019 and still no decision after passing all the tests.Request for Additional Evidence was Cancelled on 16th of August and my oath ceremony was scheduled on the 24th September 2019. MORAL OF MY STORY: Do not be afraid if your case is pending for long time. If your marriage is legitimate and both of u are seperated or divorced, You will surely be APPROVED. When i told the officer who interviewed me that she kicked me out and called police so many times on me anytime i didnt give her the cash but paid the insurance myself and other bills, She(officer) laughed loud..And I asked her to put separated on my certificate of naturalization but she said they dont have that one lol. Married/Single/Divorced. Noo Separated!!!
  2. Hello everyone. I Received both recommendation for approval and in line for oath ceremony update this morning. How long does it take for the letter to arrives in mail??
  3. Hello brothers and sisters, i filed my citizenship application based on 5 years rule this year. I went to the interview on 08/06/2019. I passed every texts but the IO did not approve me but rather gave me a form with a check on it that " A Decision Can Not Be Made". Today i received a case updated text saying that A request for additional evidence has been cancelled. Does it mean that i am approved?? Thanks in advance
  4. This my story. My removal of condition on my Green Card has been pending to be adjudicated for almost 2 years. My petition was filed Feb 16,2016. March 23,2016 was my Biometrics appointment. Went to Interview on Oct.12,2017 and the officer said u are Approved and u will have ur 10 year Card in the mail within weeks. Since then,i have been waiting for the card to arrives. 3 stamps on my passport. The last stamp was on March 7, 2019 through March 6, 2020. I Became eligible to apply for citizenship base on my 5 years on Dec 28, 2018. I sent N-400 through mail on March 2,2019 and it was Received on March 08,2019 And On March 9,2019,My N-400 Status updated like this when i checked Biometrics Appointment Was Scheduled On March 9, 2019, we scheduled you for a biometrics appointment and mailed you an appointment notice for Receipt Number IOExxxxxxxxxx. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your appointment notice by April 8, 2019, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. And this morning when i check on pending I-751 Status, this what came up; New Card Is Being Produced On March 12, 2019, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number EACxxxxxxxxxx, and will mail it to the address you gave us. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. So if like i haven't filed the N-400,My case will still be laying on someone desk. So please those who were in situation like mine,if u are eligible to file the N-400,please do so as soon as possible.Is Like They Are Playing Us Games. Thanks.
  5. Hi yes we went to the interview on October 12,2017 and the officer said u are approved and u will have ur card in weeks time. I went to the office like 7 times already requesting about what's going on and during one of my visit,I met the officer who interviewed us and he was like ,u still haven't received ur card yet? I said Yes and he came to the window and told the other officer that,he approved me. So I really don't know what to believe now. Well they are taking everyone who is there for a stamp on their passport index fingerprint. It's not a whole fingerprint but just only index one and then they will take u photograph. Well I never lived in New York
  6. Hello friends. I went in for my third ADIT( I-551 stamp on my passport yesterday. My case is pending adjudication after the officer said i was approved at the interview on October 12,2017.This petition was received on Feb 16,2016. Anytime i booked infopass appointment and go to the local officer,they kept on taking a pics of me and taking index fingers prints (I saw officers taking others index fingers and pictures as well) . Now yesterday when i went there,the officer asked me if i moved or Change Address from New York to North Carolina. I said No Officer!. I never lives in any other states. I lives and still living in Greensboro,North Carolina since i came to USA in 2013 and I'm in the same County.Where did they get that New York thing from?? Also i just mailed out my N-400 last Saturday base on 5 years residency and it was delivered on Tuesday and i'm waiting for NOA from the USCIS. I had emergency home and i need to go to my country for a month and my job approved me to go. Can i use the stamp on my passport to go and come back without any headache? Did i need to get a lawyer for this after i even filed all the petitions myself??
  7. Hello Honorable Members, I Need Advice Please,I am Still Waiting For My 10 Years GC After Interviewed in 10/12/2017 And Approved. The GC Refused To Arrives And With Too Many InfoPass Appointments Yielded No Results.They Kept Saying My Case Is Waiting To Be Adjudicated. Its Almost 3 Years When I Filed Now. Today I Went To Another InfoPass Appointment And The Officer Had To Take Photograph Of Me After Looking Into My Case .He Also Fingerprinted My Index Fingers. Now What Really Does This Means? Does It Means My Photograph Is No More In Their System And Fingerprints Also Disappear??? So Confuse And I Need Help. Thanks
  8. my bro yes still nothing. when i went to the infopass appointment today,the officer said my case is still waiting to be adjudicated. I asked adjudication taking over a year and he said yes.My question is,why did he have to take photograph and index fingerprints when adjudication is still going on??? Does it mean my fingerprints and photos submitted are no more in their system?
  9. Hello Honorable Members, I Need Advice Please,I am Still Waiting For My 10 Years GC After Interviewed in 10/12/2017 And Approved. The GC Refused To Arrives And With Too Many InfoPass Appointments Yielded No Results.They Kept Saying My Case Is Waiting To Be Adjudicated. Its Almost 3 Years When I Filed Now. Today I Went To Another InfoPass Appointment And The Officer Had To Take Photograph Of Me After Looking Into My Case .He Also Fingerprinted My Index Fingers. Now What Really Does This Means? Does It Means My Photograph Is No More In Their System And Fingerprints Also Disappear??? So Confuse And I Need Help. Thanks
  10. Hello Friends,I was here some weeks ago regarding my current situation with my wife as she kicked me out just because she wont pay the bills and how she kept on calling Police anytime i asked her about why she kept on over drafting our joint account anytime my direct deposit hit the account.What She kept on doing is that,She will first Withdrew the cash out and leave like a dollar in and then make another withdrawal the next time that will send the account into over draft with extra over draft $35 fee.As some of you guys advice me to do, i did by changing my address with the USCIS even though i don't have a permanent place as at now but i'm getting myself together to get me my own place. Now this My case to RC has been stuck with this USCIS for Years Now.So many info pass appointment after we both went to RC interview didn't yield any positive result as what i kept on hearing is that,my case is still pending.Now i went to 5th Info pass yesterday 30th August 2018 and when i told one of the female officers on the window about my situations,she asked for my almost 3 years expired green card and type somethings in her computer and she was like somethings is not right on your case.She asked me if i still know the name of the officer that interviewed us and i said Yes and I mentioned his name to her.She asked me to sit down and she will be back.She went to the back for like about 30 mins and then come back.Few mins later,the officer who interviewed us about a year ago and said that i was approved came out and asked me whats going on..I told him that,I still haven't received my 10 years green card.He said I approved u and your file even is no more in our office here.Your file is gone to NVC and u could have had ur card by now.He asked me if i come here with my passport but i said no because i still had a stamp in my passport that is good till April of next year.He told me that,if i didn't get my card like in 2 weeks time,i should come back to the office with my passport for him to stamp in 10 years. Has anyone here passport been stamp with 10 years when he/her 10 years green card refused to come?? I need advice. Thanks
  11. Look At The Email I Just Received From USCIS Fri We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time We will notify you when your case status changes. We last took action on your case on July 24, 2018.
  12. Thank to everyone for the help once again. @ Damara and Cablewyres To answer ur questions, The Last time i went to the info pass was April of this year when i get my passport stamped again with the I-551. Yes we have contacted the Ombudsman office and they also contacted the USCIS and then emailed us within some months later that the USCIS told them that they have made a decision on my case in may 23rd of this year and that they are closing the case but when we called USCIS,They said they don't know where Ombudsman office got that decision info from,funny! And yes i went to the same field office that interview me for the stamp and when i asked them about the cause of my delay,they dont tell me anything specifically.. No Kids, No Assets,The divorce will go smoothly because there is nothing to fight about and we don't starts the divorce process yet because in the state of NC,u have to be separated for a year before u can file for a divorce.
  13. I now knew that verbal approval mean nothing but why the immigration officer had to said that I am approved when he knew I wasn't?? Anytime I called, the customer service representatives,they kept reading the same words I also see when I am checking my status that my case was received February 16, 2016 and blablabla. Anytime I requested to talk to Tier 2 office,they will ask to call me back and when they did,The Tier 2 office will say that my case is still pending approval. So my worried and my concern is that,why would I be verbally lied to by the immigration officer that interviewed me that I was approved???
  14. Nobody advice me during the interview to go for stamp in my passport. Ok here is it.. I got my first Green card issued to me on March 28,2014. We filed the ROC and it was received on Feb 16,2016 and I was issued extension letter for a year which expired next year on the the date and month my first Green card expired which will be March 28,2017. I didn't get interview date while my extension letter is about to expire. So I went to the field office and get my passport stamped with I-551 which will be good again till March 28 2018. So on October 12 of 2017, We were called for interview and after the interview,the immigration officer said I was approved and that I will be having my 10 yrs Green card within weeks. The card wasn't coming and my I-551 on my passport also expired so I went to the field office again to get the second I-551 in my passport that will be good till April 03 2019 because I was a bit late when I made the info pass,so my passport was stamped again with I-551 and that will be good till April 03 2019
  15. Ok but what is making it so long for the card to be mailed? October 12 will be 1 year after the interview and still no card. Anytime I called and speak with Tier 2, they only apologized and said it's pending and still at the field office where we went to the interview.Sometimes tier 2 will help by sending case enquiries to the field office about the case. They will reply some to me and some they just dont reply. I was given too many 90 days that are gone and still pending without decision. Why would they officer told me that I am approved and that I will have my card within weeks in the mail but almost a year still no card? I'm confused about this
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