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    We met online March of 2009. Chatted online for two months. I never saw him as a potential partner because he was so far away. After being in the same chat room for two months I started to see personality traits we had in common and also things I saw as quite admirable. So I started flirting. We would chat online sometimes more than 8 hours a day. Then we started talking on the phone everyday until I went to visit him in Oct 2009. ( my family thought I was crazy.. But I knew it was something) I stayed for two weeks. He put me in a beautiful hotel near the water. He refused to stay the nght at the hotel with me because he wanted so much to be a gentleman. He sent gifts to my room everyday. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman. Even the hotel staff treated me like a royalty. I had never been treated like a princess my whole life. By the end of that trip we had a small ceremony and became Married to each other spiritually. I went home quit my job and moved to Dubai to be with him. Exactly one year after our anniversary I became pregnant then returned to the states two months later to have my prenatal care. I filed for him to come here in January of 2011. I was hoping he could be here before the birth of our child. I know its a stretch but ALL things are possible with GOD!!!

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