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  1. Yes, needs to go home. But we were not 100% until recent when the court date was scheduled. She was in a e2 dependent status. Question is how to withdraw the i539 application.
  2. The i539 Application is not yet received by USCIS, they havent cashed the checks yet. Any guidance on what we should do here?
  3. Thank you for that tip! Dont you find it strange that it was several immigration lawyers IN THE USA recommending us doing it this way. Since the E2 becomes invalid, change to tourist, and when divorce is through, remarry and file the i130.
  4. Definately! A couple of years in Europe will not be terrible either!!
  5. Very well put! So, leaving might be the only option.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I am a US Citizen. My girlfriend is a E2 dependent. They have been separated for MANY years and the "ex husband" had his GC approved which means her E2 status is now no longer valid. She sent the i539 to change to tourist, but has to go back to her home country in a couple of weeks to finalize the divorce so that we can move on and get her GC through my citizenship. Seems like a real moment 22 where she has to stay in the US to be legal(waiting for the i539), but also have to leave the country to finalize the divorce.(they have to do it in front of a judge) Did I explain this so you can understand?
  7. Can you travel abroad while waiting for your i539 change of status to be approved?
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