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    We met in 2009. We were engaged that same year on a trip to South Africa. Married in Nigeria February 2010. When its right its right. Found a love greater than I ever experienced. A husband that God made just for me. Now we start another chapter in our journey to be together. Puting it all in God's hands.

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  1. Just shared with a co-worker that I would like to go to Nigeria to be with my husband for his interview, and the co-worker said to me "what for, its not like you can be with him during the interview". I was speechless, talk about a slap in the face. It took everything for me to not jump across my desk. I just hold me peace...

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    2. betweenus


      Thanks you guys for your support. Ochilli, you are right, most people who have not gone through this process of immigration or having an international relationship can not or will not understand our committment or dedication to our loved ones. I will forgive and move on. No time to waste on nonsense. Thats just the devil trying to get me off my game.

    3. dwheels76


      Tell you what I will come and slap them for you. LOL. I work with an office of H1B and immigrants they know exactly what I am going thorough its so refreshing.

      The stories they tell of their embassies would make you faint. Hold on dear schuduling is coming.

      Case complete soonest for me.

    4. Dana and Divine

      Dana and Divine

      That was just the devil tryin' ta get you to give her a black eye! LOL...thanks for reading the review! Hope it helps your hubby during his own encounter with the Lagos Embassy!