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  1. Yes, the 10 year green card. She said it was expired for more than 5 years already, she’s not really sure cos she misplaced it from moving houses.
  2. Yes, she lost it and I’m not sure if she knows her alien number. I think she is more worried that she wasn’t able to pay attention to her alien card/status because of circumstances, take care of her sick husband for 6 years and a child.
  3. Hello all, I’m asking question on behalf of a friend and would really appreciate your help. A friend forgot to renew her i90 and already expired. She has been moving houses, so she doesn’t even know where’s her i90. She thinks it’s more than 5 years since her alien card expired. Will this cause her trouble in the immigration when she renew her alien card? This friend of mine has been through tough times, her husband got sick, cancer and finally pass. Now she’s trying to get back in her foot. Your help is much appreciated.
  4. Thank you for your response. I will forward your message to her.
  5. This is probably a weird question but this is on behalf of my friend who is asking me and I told her I will try to ask the very helpful people here in visa journey. So the question is, is it possible to block a person with a tourist visa from entering the US for the 3rd time. The person she wanted to block is someone who causes them emotional problem every time she visits US. She claims that this person is destroying her family and causes so much drama between the family members. Yes, it's a personal and family problem. Please let me know and will gladly share your advise to her. Thank you.
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