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  1. Had my ceremony today and it was a bit more eventful than I had anticipated. Let's start off with some pointers though. There were 50 new citizens in this ceremony so they went through all of us first to ensure the certs were correct. The ceremony started 1h15min after the stated time on the letter. If you have a lot of family i would recommend they show up later. We needed two volunteers to tell their story so might want to prep for that if you feel so inclined. There was no shortage of volunteers in our group of 50. The ceremony started with a pledge of allegiance to the flag but later on, after everyone has completed the oath we had to redo the pledge. To my surprise the judge called me out to lead the audience in the pledge of allegiance. I thought it was odd and turns out that one of my co-worker is the niece of the judge so she was pranking me. All in all the ceremony took no more than 40 mins or so with opportunity to take pics both during and after the event. Glad this is over but I understand I'm fortunate to have lived in areas with low population so my wait times have been minimal compared to some of the stories here. Oh, one last thing. Make sure you also take your driver's license. Doesn't say on the letter but it is required. Good luck to everyone else here!
  2. Interview successfully completed on 10/16 with a ceremony slated for 11/8 but I had to more it to 11/22 due to a work commitment. It was a very pleasant experience, I passed my test by getting the first 6 questions correct. The immigration officer gave me a date on the spot and was very understanding when I had to move it.
  3. hi, I did it after 5 years. It was not really my intention to seek citizenship but things change and so did my mind about the citizenship eligibility. I've been a GC holder for about 8 years now.
  4. It's showing as October 16th. That's just 2 months from filing to the interview. I feel very fortunate.
  5. Same happened to me and then the very next day my interview date was scheduled. Anxious to find out when that date i and hopeful it can all be done this calendar year.
  6. Completed my biometrics on Tuesday and already have my 'interview scheduled' notification today. Curious when that will be but they did update my expected completion from Feb to Jan after I did biometrics on time.
  7. VJ Username Filing date NOA1 Biometrics Appt RFE? Interview Oath Ceremony Field Office Filed online / paper pic16f84 8/3/2019 8/3/2019 8/28/2019 Santa Ana Online MikeBico 8/5/2019 Houston Online Bryan & Luke 8/5/2019 Saint Louis Online Rangm021 8/5/2019 Orlando Online Udinpetot 8/2/19 8/3/19 8/8/19 New orleans Online RedBluff 8/15/2019 8/15/2019 9/3/2019 Reno Online Mily7 8/24/2019 Online O&R 8/19/2019 8/19/2019 Montgomery, AL Online marcomcbo 8/22/2019 Saint Louis Paper michellewillis 8/30/2019 Vermont Online Pilotkausa 8/21/2019 8/23/2019 8/30/2019 Dallas Online
  8. Nog big deal for me either, the office is only about 1.5 miles from the office.
  9. I tried to walk in for my biometrics but they don't allow walk ins before the appointment date, only after.
  10. Got my letter on the online account today with biometrics scheduled for 9/3/19. I will walk in early as the USCIS office is very close to work. Got my letter on the online account today with biometrics scheduled for 9/3/19. I will walk in early as the USCIS office is very close to work.
  11. Might be a rookie question but does the completion eta include the oath ceremony?
  12. Got a notice that my biometrics appointment was scheduled and expected completion of February! Super excited! This will unlock so many opportunities for my wife and I!
  13. Seems like complete overkill, do you really think that adding all of that increases your chances ? It won't hurt them but I don't know that it's worth the hassle. Almost seems like you are trying too hard.
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