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    Go Easy On Yourself, For The Outcome Of All Affairs Is Determinded By Allah Decree, If Something Is Meant To Go Elsewhere, It Will Never Come Your Way, But If Its Yours By Destiny, From You It Cannot Flee [Sayyiduna Umar Ibn Khattab]

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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    California Service Center
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    05/29/2013 Reaffirmed by USCIS without any appeal process

    07/02/2013 The Embassy called my husband for packet 3.
    07/11/2013 My husband sent in packed 3
    07/17/2013 Embassy refused our case yet again without an Interview and set our file back to NVC
    07/20/2013 NVC returned out file to USCIS
    09/29/2013 To date USCIS has not entered our case back into the system and no one knows where it is!

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  1. I pray that your noa2 comes soon and that you dont have to deal with a long ap ... i should also stay off VJ lol but its so hard as i see ppl in our place suffering and i want to share how i got info or what we did... Inshallah we both receive good news soon...

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