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  1. Thank you! Dang pretty expensive for that plastic, more expensive than passport with both book and card!
  2. We arrived in the US with my 17 year old son about 6 weeks ago, we have received his US passport - we applied for it immediately so we can travel outside the country if needed... but we received a visa packet fee of $220 for any packets processed in the US. Since we have a US passport already we don’t need his green card anymore? Do we still have to pay the fee to get his green card? Thanks all! M
  3. Hi Internet is not very good in the province lol! My son’s photo that I uploaded was not successful so I had to take another picture and upload it again and once it appeared up to I was able to print the barcode and at the same time received an appointment confirmation via email! M
  4. I finally got my confirmation, I was lacking an information that was preventing me from completing my registration... make sure to have all of your information entered including your photo! M
  5. I don’t think they send a confirmation via email, I didn’t get one either! There’s a download and print barcode button at the bottom, as of today I still haven’t been able to download ot and our schedule is on Monday first thing in the morning. I may have to solicit some of my friends back in the US to attempt to download the barcode and send it to me via email. Quite a challenging system I may say. Here’s to hoping it works...
  6. Thank you! That’s where the confusion is from! Phew ty
  7. I was expecting a packet with do not open package but there wasn’t any we had to open the package because it said to check the information on the visa... they returned the original birth certificate, his photos and his NBI along with the passport. It was literally a thin transparent plastic. 😞
  8. Hello! You guys have been so helpful! So I’m asking a couple more questions as there’s no information I can find online for these! I tried calling and phones in the Philippines that are posted are usually incorrect numbers when you call - yes including the CFO phone number that is posted. Anyways, here are my questions! (1) somehow the barcode confirmation for the reservation is not generating thus I can’t print it anyone has had the same issue? If so, what did you do to resolve? I used the phone and a laptop! Does that mean that my registration and my reservation has been confirmed? (2) one of the requirements was the IMMIGRANT DATA SUMMARY? Is this the CFO form that was filled out? (3) lastly, there is no specific instruction whether we should go to a specific location in Manila (where we opted to attend the seminar) or any nearest CFO for the actual peer counseling? Should we just pick out a location and show up 2 hours before the seminar? We (think) we’re scheduled for Monday morning session 9:30 to noon. Please help! Thank you so much! M
  9. Thank you! scheduling and registration done can we go to any location in Manila? this has been quite helpful!
  10. Do we get the certificate same day?
  11. Do I get the CFO stamp same day as the seminar which means we could travel late in the day?
  12. Hello again! No visa Hello again! No visa today but maybe tomorrow Thursday! If I get the visa by noon can we still have the PDOS Seminar same day?
  13. Thank you Hank! You’ve always been helpful! Last one... my son is 17 does he need to go to PDOS when I explored it said that only 20-59 years old need to go!
  14. Oh ok, it seems if I already set up my preferences then I just need to track it no need to register. So confusing!
  15. It’s an IR2 Visa for my son. They gave us a slip saying to register online or they won’t be able to deliver the visa but I can’t seem to find how!
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