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  1. Hey all First time posting on here, found this site by mistake but is awesome for information and help!! not sure if im posting in the right area... We filed for our K1 I129F, PETITION FOR FIANCE(E) and they recieved it on the 23rd of September 2010... Our lawyer said it should take 5 months and it will be 6 months next week on wednesday since it was filed.. does anyone know if this service centre is running slower then the page says it should be.. i looked up the website and it says 5 months but we still havent heard anything Im a little worried, is there anywhere i can actually see how long they are taking? i seen a couple of charts but couldnt understand them well... Im from Australia and she is american in south carolina... Thanks heaps for your help in advance and if theres another post on here like this i didnt see it and im sorry Cheers
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