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    Triathlons the longer the better, swim,run, bike and Motorcycles , add a proper pint of Guinness and I'm a happy man

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    Traveled to the south of France in July 2010 to attend my Nephews wedding. little did I know. I would soon be engaged myself. I seen her the day of the wedding, but dared not approach. she was with the brides side of the family. I was sure, she was already attached and I was with the grooms side of the family. So I partied the night away as she sat across the room from me. But Irish weddings last more then one day and the next night we found ourselves at a night club on the Beach. where I finally had a Chance to approach the angel, I had my eyes on all Weekend. This is when I found out that she wasn't seeing anyone and had not for a long time in fact she had only been convinced to attend the wedding at the last second by the brides mother.
    We danced and drank the night away. but as the young lads have a habit of doing near the end of the night. a big fight started ;-( after making sure she was out of harms way. I went to help the youngsters, I ended up sleeping on the beach lost in the south of France without my angel and 2 drunk lads :-(. the phone number she had given me did not work in France and she had returned to Ireland the next day. ;(.
    But My return flight state side had me stopping in Ireland for 4 days, but again the number did not work ;-(.
    I was staying at my sisters when her phone rang ;-) she turned and looked at me and said somebodies been looking for you ;-) the rest as they say is history. the K1 Journey begins ;-).
    Mick @ Betty

    "“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
  1. I wish to thank everyone for the help. not the best on computer or paperwork. so takes me time to reply. but hope to file her I-130 soon. and will keep you updated. thank you
  2. We married in December 2011 on K-1 visa . but my wife Just applied for citizenship Feb 2019. Her unmarried over 21 Daughter wishes to come on I-130 visa now. but is in a long term relationship. with possibles of marriage soon unknown ? whats our best petition now or wait until wife has full citizenship. then petition for married daughter over 21 ???
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