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  1. I had my interview in April and I'm having my Oath Ceremony in a couple of weeks, four months later!
  2. As I suspected, they uploaded a new letter with the Oath date of the 22nd instead of the 23rd, and I've since received this letter in the mail. So nothing else to do now, just show up to the place and get sworn in.
  3. I've done a basic google about 'oath ceremony de-scheduled' and I don't have any arrests, nor am I changing my name!. What I believe that has happened, and this is just my own speculation is that I know the courthouse where the Oath will take place, and the courthouse's own website lists the dates of when they do the Oath's. Their website states the 22nd of August, but the letter that was uploaded says the 23rd. When I saw the uploaded pdf (I have not yet received the letter in the mail yet), I called up the courthouse and asked them if their website was incorrect and that they would be doing Oath's on the 23rd. The person on the other end told me that they had not recevied anything from Fairfax yet and I should call them. (Fairfax is where I had my interview). My guess is that it should be the 22nd and NOT the 23rd and because of the clerical error, someone has to re-issue the paperwork. Just my guess.
  4. I received a notification today that there had been some activity on my account. I logged in to this news: Oath Ceremony De-Scheduled. Sent on July 25, 2019 The PDF that was uploaded says this: This is to advise you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel the previously scheduled Oath Ceremony on Friday, August 23, 2019 at 09:00am for the above applicant. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. We will advise you of any further action taken on this case, including any rescheduled interview appointment information, under separate notice. *** Oh no!
  5. Today they uploaded my Oath Ceremony letter!! It's going to be in August next month. My timeline: N-400 packet shipped 2018-10-19 N-400 packet accepted 2018-10-24 Biometrics appt 2018-11-14 Completion date announced on 2018-11-15 Estimated completion date 2019-10-31 Notification of Interview letter created & mailed 2019-03-12 Interview letter received 2019-03-13 Interview date event 2019-04-19 Oath ceremony appt letter created & mailed 2019-07-24 Oath ceremony PDF letter received 2019-07-25 Oath ceremony scheduled for 2019-08-23
  6. I believe I'm also in the same boat as a couple of people here. I had my successful interview last month but I've not yet had notice about my Oath Ceremony. I know which courthouse it will be. My interview told me the town it would take place, and a quick google gave me the courthouse's website and they list the dates they do the Oaths (about once a month). But I'm still waiting for the letter to arrive. My account on uscis now has a timeline of August (it was originally October when I started this process).
  7. I plan on applying for a US passport very soon. But. I'm not sure yet what order I need to do things. I'll research that later when I hear about my Oath date. I believe after I receive the naturalization certificate at the Oath Ceremony, I take that to a local Social security office to get my SSN card changed, and THEN apply for a passport? I'm not too concerned yet. My only worry is that I'm vacationing in Florida next month. If they schedule my Oath that same week, I'm going to be pissed! I know I can reschedule it.
  8. I had my interview yesterday in Fairfax, Virginia and passed! My Wife and I arrived about 45 minutes early. She didn't need to be at the interview, but was there to support me. The clerk at the desk sternly told me to come back thirty minutes before the interview time so we hung out in the waiting room and I handed in my letter to the clerk, I was told to take a seat and someone would call me. Two people didn't show up when called, they could have been there for any other reason but I was sad for them as this is an expensive process. Anyway, I figured I'd get called earlier because of the no-shows and I was right. My name was called about 15 or 20 minutes before my interview time. I was taken into a small interview room and I had to do the 'do you swear to tell the truth, and nothing but etc'. I was then asked for my ID, passport and greencard, the interviewer took them and typed something on his computer. He then took my fingerprints electronically and another photograph. The only small talk we did was he asked me why I got a greencard, I told him I Married my Wife and moved here. I was asked my Wife's name and I made sure to add her middle name just in case. Then we did the English test, he made a point of saying I'd pass this easily as I'm English. I can't remember what I had to say but for the written test I had to write 'We pay taxes' on an ipad. Hahahahahaha! Next was the application, he asked me if my parents were American Citizens and then went through the entire 'No' section. Have you ever been part of a terrorist group / have you ever taken part in genocide' etc. Then we did the 10 questions, I can't remember which ones but I got the first six right. The whole interview was under fifteen minutes. This was in Fairfax, Virginia. The interviewer asked me if I knew where Harrisonburg was, and I had to tell him I didn't. He explained that the Oath Ceremony would be in that city and not Fairfax. It's based on the zipcode where you live. I was disappointed that the Oath wouldn't be at the same place and day, but it does mean I'll get another day off work, which is nice! When I find out when that is and go through with it, I'll post about my experience.
  9. My interview is tomorrow in Fairfax, VA. Mixture of excitement and nerves. I'll post about the experience when I get home afterwards. I'm treating it just like an interview, I'll be wearing a shirt and necktie.
  10. I honestly think the uscis website says no jeans for the interview. I have mine on Friday, I'm wearing black pants, white shirt and a necktie, treating it like a work interview.
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