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    Anyone with any useful info about the whole immigration process!

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    It has been tooooo long living apart like this.

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  1. Getting ready for my medical, Medisys Montreal!!!

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    2. Saylin


      Oh, next week, good luck! And I definitely think it's a good idea to get the medical done asap just in case if there's any problems. That's why I had mine scheduled really fast after I got my interview date. And is it allowed to have someone else besides you pick up your results? Cause they asked for ID when I went to pick my results up.

    3. KarenB


      Yes i was thinking the same thing about doing it ASAP why i book for next week Wednesday. If i can't get it picked up for me then i will just pay for it to be mailed to me as that will cost less than travelling again to Montreal.

    4. Saylin


      You can always pick it up the morning of your interview. I know they can hold it for you if needed.

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