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  1. Affidavit of support question. Mother in laws brother signed for 5 relatives and three of the 5 have become US Citizens. This was a family of three and a couple. Question is does he have to list those 3 US Citizens on a new I 864 form?
  2. I'm telling the complete story. When you file an appeal you send in the missing information. I couldn't say for sure that the ombudsman made the difference or her file just reached the top of the pile. Based on what I know it looks like the ombudsman made the difference.
  3. In this case I received bad information from Visa Journey members. My wife talked with a Lawyer after me telling her not to bother based on the information I received here. The lawyer said contact the ombudsman. Today her I-130 was approved based on my appeal.
  4. For the I 130 do we need to hire a translater for the birth certificate recipient and death certicate of the other parent? It says to include the parents Passport.. Are they talking about a copy of it?
  5. I never hired a lawyer. The lawyer I am talking about works for The Office of Chief Counsel USCIS. She sent my case to the Department of Justice
  6. Thanks for looking into it Susie. Yes when I saw the dept of justice I thought of trouble then when I wrote to them and they never heard of our case I wrote back to the lawyer at uscis who said she sent our case to the dept of justice. Haven't received a reply. I'm sure we need to start over.
  7. Maybe not with immigration but an appeal is a second chance. Often it's heard by a civilian reviews board who tend to be liberal. I'm sure the i-130 is going to ask if we applied before and were denied. I was trying to avoid that. My last correspondence was June 15th I'm going to wait a couple weeks and then apply for the i-130 again. And to answer one of the questions no I wasn't a part of applying for the first i-130
  8. Could be an Appeal was the wrong way to go however I paid for the Appeal and it hasn't been heard.. I was thinking about local matters where the goverment denies you then you appeal. You can't just submit another application. I would never have thought to just apply again.
  9. I was born here and my wife has a certificate of naturization and a US Passport. I just followed the directions on the decision paper to appeal. I didn't think another I 130 would be the proper way to handle this based on that decision letter.
  10. I'm not sure what she failed to include and she says she can't remember. It was 2 years ago now. I'm positive I included everything required for the Appeal. I failed to say that I copied to the USCIS lawyer the letter I sent to the Dept of Justice as she requested then my last letter was to USCIS lawyer on June 15th 2021 explaining what the Justice Dept said. No response so far.
  11. My wife (Colombian) now US Citizen filed an I -130 on July 5th 2019. She didn't include all the required paperwork and it was denied on April 29th 2020. I filed an Appeal May 16th 2020 and submitted all the required documents. May 26th 2020 received a Receipt on Form I 797C then on 7-21 2020 she received Form I 797C notice of Action which Transferred her case to the Potomac Service Center. On May 28th 2021 Received a letter from Office of Chief Counsel USCIS dated April 30th 2021; Notice to Petitioner Appeal has been forwarded to the Board of Immigration Appeals. To check the status of your appeal write to US Department of Justice in Falls Church Va. Office of Chief Counsel USCIS included an A number so I wrote to the Dept of Justice June 5th 2021 including a copy of the letter I received from USCIS and they wrote back June 11th 2021 No record of the "A" number and No Record of a case pending. The wife’s mother has a visitor’s Visa and has been in the USA three times never over staying or working. Any advice would be helpful.
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