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  1. Kinda jealous of CSC filers lol...it's ok though because our time will come when the time is right! In exactly 1 month I will be running around like a chicken w/o a head trying to make sure i have everything I need...Let's hope I pack b4 hand and not the night b4 I leave like last time lol

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    2. Lari & Jhona

      Lari & Jhona

      at vleast u do them in a week n repack i start maletas like 2 months ahead and sit there n check wat am missin for the umphteen time lmaoo..i drive everyone crazy in my house..lol god help them i have 51 more days lmaoo

    3. Angela M.

      Angela M.

      @russ and jle yea I always pack the night before and when I'm coming back I pack the day of lol

      @carol I'll prob pack 2 days before, that's my goal

      @ayrm dammm girl that is serious...i hate packing and you repack 3 times

      @mrsamancio you won't forget ANYTHING because you will be as neurotic as @ayrm i mean it's interview time!

      @lari bueno I guess you'll start packing soon lmao!

    4. AskewAlonzo


      i cant wait till i pack. lol

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