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    To whom it may concern:

    My name is John. I got married to my Thai wife in June of 2009. We waited a long time to get through the application process for her K-3 Visa. She had her interview at the U.S. Embassy in Thailand on October 1st, 2010. They delayed her Visa following her interview for the following reasons, they are:
    1. She doesn't speak enough English
    2. They didn't believe she was married to an American husband (me)- even though she had all the legal official documents
    3. They have had seven female and 3 male Thai applicants apply for a U.S. Visa. They have a problem with prostitution
    4. We met on the internet dating service "Thai Love Links" (how else will we meet?" 1 out of 5 marriages today are from an Internet dating site

    These were the reason (generalized and discriminatory, not based on any facts regarding my wife's application).

    I went to see the U.S. consular official in charge. She was mean, rude, and would not take my wife's application off fraud investigation.

    I asked when the investigation would be completed. She stated there is no time limit. They also stated they were understaffed. That is not applicants problem. They should not make applicants, who LOVE and MISS each other dearly suffer due to cuts in federal employee budgeting (cut backs in personnel).

    I have already written my local Congressman, Jerry Lewis in CA. I also wrote Dianne Feinstein. Both were worthless in helping me out. Nothing they could do for the "Adminstrative Hold" the U.S. Embassy consular official in charge did with my wife's K-3 Visa application.

    All I hear I can do is wait... Worse case scenario is that my Wife (excellent character - my Wife) and I could wait 2-3 more years. What a joke... The immigration system is broken.

    There needs to be an act of Congress to change the procedues, rules, and regulations within the U.S. Embassy in Thailand; so that they have a time limit on investigations. They are putting good applicants in generalized categories based on fraud signs - which are unfounded and not based on fact.

    In addition, I would love the U.S. Embassy consular official in charge, whom I met, be investigated for discrimination and incompetence. The U.S. government needs to relinquish the amount control the U.S. Embassy consular official in charge has. Congressman/Congresswoman as well as Senator's cannot overturn the officials decisions to investigate, and other related decisions. What if the official is incompetent? Who supervises the official?

    Does anyone know what can be done to expedite my Wife's Visa? HELP PLEASE!

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