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  1. Hello Everyone. We received NOA1 for the AOS from K1 on September 30 (receipt notice September 10, notice mailed September 26th). Now days, how long does it take between NOA1 and biometrics appointment notice? I just want to know if it is sent immediately or not and if I have to contact USCIS or not.
  2. My now wife is here in US on K1. We got married and applying for AOS. Her medical was in her country on July 3 (less than 2 months ago). She has all the vaccinations necessary. I am not sure about I693 necessity and instructions: 1) Does she still need to fill out I693 if she passed medical before K1 issued less than 2 months ago? 2) If she does, do we still have to go to civil surgeon? It states that another examination is not required..
  3. I have NOA2 approved May 24, which I received in mail. As of today NVC still does not have record for my case. Almost a month. Is this normal? What would be next steps?
  4. Wrong. I have MBA and PhD from UCLA. In fact, your MBA without other advanced degree now-days is worthless. No one needs MBA without deep specialty knowledge. I can tell you this as a CEO of a company.
  5. I used option Ask a Lawyer Now. I had a question about expedite. I had full . grounds for expedite that I got. However, thanks to the Ask a Lawyer option I got delayed by at least two weeks: 1) My main question was what is the best and quickest route to request expedite. I already had full I-129F package and expedite package ready. I was not sure: should I submit I-129F package and wait for reference # or call and request expedite immediately or any other quicker option. 2) To get an answer I registered and paid registration fee to Ask a Lawyer on this website. After this I asked my question above. 3) I got response pretty quick, which was general, and for more advice asking for additional $70 (I think. Or something close) to speak with an attorney. 4) I decided to proceed to make sure. Shortly, I got a call back. I don't think this was really attorney. The lady recommended me to submit expedite request together with I-129F package. Essentially, including in actual package, which I did. 5) 2 weeks after receiving WAC number I called USCIS asking about the status. I was surprised to learn that this is not the way to submit expedite request and that there is no way for the USCIS to know that I am asking for expedite if you submit together with the package. Thus, I lost 2 weeks. Do not use this option! This is scam. They will take your money and you will NOT speak with real attorney. What is worse, you will get wrong advice. Just call USCIS if you have questions or hire real attorney. Consultation with immigration attorney in San Diego, for example, is only $100 but you can meet with real person.
  6. Health related. They agreed that this is an emergency but wanted proof to be faxed, which I did. The proof is not a problem. I also don't mind waiting if it takes them longer. I just want to make sure that they actually received the proof. This is the only thing.
  7. Boiler, thanks. Online on March25th it said case completed and note sent to me. I received letter to fax proof. Faxed proof on the 29th. Any point to call them, or just wait? Thanks again.
  8. I filed for expedite based on emergency situation on March 25th with USCIS. I received letter via mail to fax them proof on March 29th. Same morning, Friday, I faxed all the proof they requested. I did not get any confirmation from them or anything. As of today my expedite request status online is the same as on March 29th. Question to someone that had experience with expedite: 1) Is this normal? How should I expect to be contacted on the status? 2) How can I be sure they received all the documentation and did not misplace it? Should I call main line? 3) How long does it usually take them to contact you with the decision after you submit the proof? Thank you
  9. Thank you so much for the tip. Congratulations!
  10. Thank you! I went to San Diego today. It turned out that they needed proof to be faxed to them. I already had everything they requested in hand and faxed it. So, everything looks good. Regarding status: my fiancee is legally in Mexico on 180 days tourist visa. She left, came back in a week and they gave her another 180 days. She is legal here but unless she is permanent resident in mexico she cannot have interview here. Thus, once we get expedite she will go back and have interview in her home country.
  11. I have all the documentation ready here in Mexico. Can I somehow find out what they need and fax it to them?
  12. I am just trying to figure out if I need to go back to San Diego. Due to emergency situation I live in Mexico with my fiancee. She is taking care of me. I need to understand if I need to go back to San Diego to pick up mail or I can find out on any other way. If it is rejection we will have to wait it out here in Mexico. If approval she has to go back to her home country for interview etc. It is extremely hard for me physically to go through the border. I am gravely ill. So, if I can find out without going back to my place it would be helpful.
  13. Hello, I requested expedite based on the emergency situation on Monday. Now it says below. What does this mean? Case History 03/25/2019 On March 25, 2019, your request to have your case expedited, referral number XXXXXXX, was completed. 03/25/2019 On March 25, 2019, we sent a response to your request to have your case expedited, referral number XXXXXXXXX. 03/25/2019 On March 25, 2019, your request to have your case expedited, referral number XXXXXXXX, was assigned to an officer for response.
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