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  1. Hello, My wife came to US in August 2019 on K1. She did medical in her country July 2019. Now, we are having AOS interview on March 11. Interview form says that they also need I693 form. 1) We did sent I693 form signed by her; 2) Supposedly, K1 envelope already contained I693 from the original country; 3) We also have vaccination record with photograph given to her at the time of K1 medical. 4) The interview notice says: I693, if not submitted. Do we need to go to civil surgeon before interview again or it is considered "submitted"? Thank you.
  2. Hello, My wife is adjusting from K1. We received combo AP/EAD card. Starting November 21 USCIS status says: "As of November 21, 2019, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status....." . No interview has been scheduled yet as far as we know or according to the USCIS status page. It is the same since November. My wife is planning on visiting her home country (last time before baby delivery). She is planning on traveling back with the combo card. Questions: 1) Is there a possibility that AOS interview has been scheduled and I am not aware? Should I call USCIS before the travel or it is OK (status online would change if they scheduled interview) 2) Is this safe for her to travel in terms of return? She is traveling between January 30 and February 20, being 6 months pregnant. The worst would be if she is not allowed back because interview was scheduled and we did not show up or something else. Anmy advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hello! How long does it usually take between Adv. Par. approval and receiving the card? It is important since I need to book tickets and travel before 7 months of pregnancy.
  4. Please, please, do NOT wait. It will be just waste of time, which I am sure is precious. I know multiple cases including mine when people apply the next day after official divorce decree. Never even comes up at any point including interview. Non-issue. Don't waste your time! Apply immediately. Officers at the consulate understand that divorce takes a long time from the moment people separate. It is normal.
  5. Hello, My wife is going through AOS from K1. We filed for AOS/AP/EAD on September 11th, Bio October 21. She wants to visit her mother in her home country since her mother does not have US visa. Currently looking at the timelines the earliest we can get AP is mid to end February. We are expecting child and will be exactly 7 months along. Looks like most airlines will not allow her to travel at this time (is this true? anyone has experience traveling internationally 8 months along? If you do please share). If she does not travel by the end of February, she will not see her parents for a very long time. I called USCIS and they said she can file expedite. However, reading through the reasons for expedite it does not look like this is true emergency. Is there a reason for expedite based on these grounds that I described? Is there any way to rationalize this for expedite of AP base on inability to travel at later dates? Maybe there is some angle that will qualify under the circumstances? Please, respond only if you know. Thank you.
  6. Jojotica, SusieQQQ, thank you so much for useful advice. Regarding being rude: I would like to slightly side-track the original topic. First, I would like to apologize for being rude. This site offers great advices, information. However, there are 2 types of people that visit this website: 1) The ones that genuinely seek or provide great advices. If they do not know the topic they do not respond; 2) The ones that come here to seek controversial topics and react to them to make themselves feel good or superior. Possibly, they try to compensate for some personal life lack of importance. They usually do not read topics to provide advice. They read them superficially to find something fishy and react. This post is one example. Another amazing topic reading which always leaves me surprised. This is AOS from tourist visa or ESTA. I want to make statement which is true (I would like to hear one person that did this but would claim that they did not plan it from the beginning). My path was 100% kosher, meaning we did K1 so it does not concern me on personal level). Yet, when people come here for advice literally lying that they did not plan to come here, get married in a week and adjust the status. This is all "sudden decision". So, these people get advices while everyone knows they are lying. When I see people coming here, stating the truth that they planned or planning this AOS from tourist visa route, they get nailed here. I am amazed at the level of hypocrisy in these people, which is very reflective of our Trump-voting society. I am amazed how many posts containing straight-out racist remarks showed up after this idiot was elected into the office, bringing the worst in people. Just an observation.
  7. You still don't get it, do you? The reason for a visit can be "visiting my daughter" or "visiting my daughter because otherwise I will not have a chance to see her since she is pregnant". Please, again think.
  8. Please, read carefully. No one is lying. I asked if she should volunteer information on her daughter's pregnancy. Please, read original post carefully before responding. Not to mention that not volunteering information has nothing to do with misrepresentation. In addition, please, read definition of material representation, which means "providing false information which results in visa issuance to ineligible individual". If you don't know don't post. It is simply misleading and potentially harmful to other people
  9. Hello, Quick background: my wife came here on K1 in August and is currently in the process of AOS. Please, pay attention to the timeline: Likely AOS completion and ability to exit the country - Early March 2020 My wife is pregnant and will be >7 months into the pregnancy. Most likely, most airlines will not let her fly back (if she goes back to visit her mom in April for 3 weeks) Chances are that after she delivers our baby we will not be able to travel across the ocean for a long time. Her mother, that both of us are very close with and love her, is very successful lawyer with her own practice. With very high income and a lot of property including actual office space. She was refused B1/B2 visa before (usual refusal language, though I do not understand who would get visa if not her. She travelled all over the world including entire EU). She will have visa interview in December. True goal of her visa: for her to come for up to 2 weeks to see us, travel around. She cannot even be here for more than that since she has very sensitive business. This is really the only way to see her since my wife will not get green card until she will be over 7 months into the pregnancy. Question: should she volunteer the truth on the real reason for urgent trip OR can it hurt her - they may think that she is coming to babysit. Should she volunteer this information since it may help her or just not mention pregnancy of my wife (her daughter)?
  10. Hello Everyone. We received NOA1 for the AOS from K1 on September 30 (receipt notice September 10, notice mailed September 26th). Now days, how long does it take between NOA1 and biometrics appointment notice? I just want to know if it is sent immediately or not and if I have to contact USCIS or not.
  11. My now wife is here in US on K1. We got married and applying for AOS. Her medical was in her country on July 3 (less than 2 months ago). She has all the vaccinations necessary. I am not sure about I693 necessity and instructions: 1) Does she still need to fill out I693 if she passed medical before K1 issued less than 2 months ago? 2) If she does, do we still have to go to civil surgeon? It states that another examination is not required..
  12. I have NOA2 approved May 24, which I received in mail. As of today NVC still does not have record for my case. Almost a month. Is this normal? What would be next steps?
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