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    I had been living and working in New Zealand for almost 3 years at the time. A friend of mine was having a leaving party from NZ. The date was July 3rd, 2010. Almost immediately after entering the bar, Roberto and I had noticed each other. Later in the evening we shared a dance, however the night was coming to an end. When the music stopped Roberto came over to talk with me. He seemed a bit shy, but proceeded to ask me "do you have phone" in a strong accent. He meant "do I have a phone number", but got the language mixed up. Roberto said he was from Brazil, but he was in Mount Maunganui for 3 months learning English for a new job back in Brazil. I was a little hesitant to give him my number because I knew he would be leaving NZ, but something inside told me “what do I have to lose?” and I gave him my number anyway.

    Over the next few weeks we started to date and go out often to dinner, movies, the hot pools, walks etc. We started to get attached very quickly, but in the back of my mind I knew he would be leaving soon. At the end of July we travelled together to the South Island of NZ to Queenstown for a long weekend getaway. What an amazing time!
    Roberto's time in NZ was quickly coming to an end and he had to get back to Brazil to start his new job. The last 2 weeks of his time in NZ we were inseparable. We dreaded the moment that Roberto had to go to the airport. We had made the decision that we would continue our relationship over Skype and emails; and that around Christmas I was going to come to Brazil for 3 months to see how I liked it there and we would go from there. There were many tears and hugs, but we knew we were already in love and that we would be together again soon.
    I think a week or two at the most had past and I couldn’t bear to be sitting in NZ without him! I made the decision to finalize everything in NZ and was going to head to Brazil in October instead of December like we had originally planned. I left New Zealand in October for Brazil on a 3 month ticket.
    On November 27, 2010 Roberto asked me to marry him while we were at the beach in Ubatuba, Brazil. I said YES of course! The very next day, we took a pregnancy test and found out that we were going to have a baby!! What a memorable weekend!
    We have had to do a bit of travelling back and forth between Brazil and the USA, but we know our love is strong and we will soon be together permanently with our baby boy who is due in August, 2011. If everything goes well with Roberto's visa, we will get married sometime toward the end of 2011.
    We look forward to a lifetime together and starting new adventures with our baby boy!!

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