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  1. I entered the US in 2005 with a conditional resident (CR) visa issued by the US embassy in London. After 2 years I filed form I-751 with the USCIS California Service Center to remove the conditions of my residency and received my 10 year green card in January 2008. Now I would like to renew my green card using form I-90 but I'm not sure if I should answer the questions about my original conditional visa issued in London or about my 10 year visa issued by USCIS California. For example, I-90 part 1,questions 14 & 15 ask for class and date of admission. Well I entered the US with a CR class visa in 2005, but my current visa was issued in 2008 after I removed the conditions and is class IR. Similarly, part 3, questions 1 & 2 ask for the location where I applied for an immigrant visa and where it was issued. Well I applied for a visa to enter the US at the London Embassy and that's where it was issued. However, my current green card was issued by the California USCIS Service Center. I have consulted the I-90 instructions on uscis.gov and I suspect that they're looking for information about my current visa rather than the original conditional visa that let me enter the US but I'm not 100% sure. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks for your help.