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  1. It is so crazy expensive 🤦‍♀️ I used “CityDoc” for Day 2 and 8. They were awful. I had someone from “Track and Trace” calling me everyday during quarantine. I told them my issues, and they told me to contact the NHS. They ended up having to step in and help. For your Covid certificate you need a lot of information on it. The app I told you about will actually review your test to tell you if it is okay or not. Going from memory it needed your name, DOB, date of test, laboratory or testers name, contact details of lab, result and I think type of test. I’m sure I might have missed something out. Hope this helps. Kim
  2. Hi Everyone, My mother is as UK Citizen and is due to come to the States to see me (US Citizen) in July. From what I can tell in the Presidents Order, a UK parent can travel to see their US citizen child (adult child.) Have I read this right? Are there any restrictions on this particular exemption? Also, what documents or paperwork will my Mom need to prove this? Is traveling on her ESTA during Covid okay? She is elderly and disabled, so I worry about her traveling and then having a difficult time at Customs. Last but not least…..do Step-parents qualify for this particular exemption? I’m guessing not, but I just wanted to ask 😀 Thank you so much in advance for any help.
  3. I have done this trip in the past few weeks. I had a lot of issues with the tests I pre-purchased to have sent to a UK address for my arrival. My advice is be extremely cautious who you choose to do your tests through. I completed my Day 5 test through “Boots.” I am also doing my “Fit to Fly” test through them. Based solely on my experience with “Boots”, I would recommend them. I also used the app “VeriFLY” extremely helpful for getting your documents ready for the airport. I travelled 3 weeks ago, and they were very strict on paper work at the airport. They wanted proof of all the tests you had pre-bought for when you got to the UK, negative Covid test certificate, and passenger locator forms. hope this helps.
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