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Oath ceremony
6:45 am September 28, 2017


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Hey guys, I live in Alabama and I received my oath ceremony notice. My question is I didn't request for name changed but my ceremony is at the court house but somebody I met at the interview we both live in Alabama and hers is at a different address, does that mean I'm in trouble for being sent to court for my oath ceremony or is there anybody went through the same situation? Your response is much appreciated please. My oath ceremony is next week Tuesday 10/13

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Recommended approval
4:02 am June 27, 2017


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I went for my citizenship interview June 1 and I was told I pass though they was some what. The officer did my interview told me that I I pass and I was good due to some what, he said he made that decision. After the interview he shacked my hand and congratulate me and gave me the form says recommended for approval and told me to wait for a notice in the mail for the oats ceremony. It's been a month now I haven't heard or see anything in the mail. My question is it normal or would they require more information or I will be called for another interview after they already approved? Or denied the oats? Or deportation after approved at the interview? Can someone respond please, I'm worried. I live in Alabama, my interview was in Atlanta.

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F2a DNA test (merged and moved)
5:00 am March 20, 2016

Jocelyn Jabelo

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Hello every one hope you can help me guys.

I did my interview last March 8, 2016 with my son. The consultant ask to have DNA test me and my son. We are waiting the kit arrive in the embassy manila.

1. How many weeks before they call us to do the DNA test?


2. When we finish the DNA are they still going to call us for the 2nd interview? Or they are going to approved our visa..

Please really need your help

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regarding the green card!
8:15 pm September 5, 2014


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am leave to las vegas this coming nov.1,2014 and i hve already my round trip ticket for 1month, can i leave las vegas even i dont received it my plastic green card?due to financial obligation i have to return to milan,italy due to i gonna pay the expenses of our building for the period of dec/2014 upto dec,2016 but i gonna be back twice a year or before 6months so that i will not loss my permanent residence,can i anybody help me for this what to do...thank you,ruben

Never mind I got the tracking number from a L2 officer it is awaiting pickup by USPS they have received electronic notification for it to be picked up on a two day priority. Thanks forall your help anyhiw

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Question about affidavit of support, for K1 Fiancee Visa?
9:59 pm March 12, 2014


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for all the success stories I have read here.

Its been almost a year and my fiancee and I are getting ready for cultures to come back from St.Lukes (Manila, PH) for the medical. The interview will soon be scheduled...I hope. I will be fedexing a I-134 affidavit, among other ducuments,

to my fiancee and would like to know if its imperative to get notarized copies of the I-134 document and my last two tax returns??

Additionally, I am thinking about doing a cover letter with my affidavit stating my networth. I am worried because of my recent lay off (6 months) that my current income may not substantuate enough for the support of my fiancee? I own my house out right, I ahve a networth of over 300,000 in property and cash in the bank? Does this qualify as credible evidence?

Please let me know...very worried and in love!!

William and Mary

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