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I130 for spouse awaiting jii response for 11 months and counting
1:32 am August 6, 2020



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Hi i filed I130 for my wife in September 2019 in Texas center and started looking at processing times based on texas center it was showing 6-7 months for for case when i could initiate an inquiry if i did not get response.. so it went past 7 months and i decided to put an online inquiry request the request did not go through and gives error that i am still within the timelines. i called uscis help line to my surprise they say my case is not in Texas Service center but in Nebraska center they did not even sent me any notification if my case was transferred to Nebraska center.. now again i started waiting the timeline for approval was 9-10 months and this again passed and no response i started to put another online inquiry it again did not go through call uscis they were also clueless why its not going through but they said they have initiated an inquiry to Nebraska center as to why its taking that long and i should have a response in 5 business days.. 5 days passed no response i called them again today and to my surprise the lady on the phone says my case is in Potomac centen and not in Nebraska... whattt i said when did it transfer to Potomac lady says she has no record looks like it has always been in Potomac center and the approval times for Potomac is 10.5 to 12.5 months for us citizen filing i130 for spouse ... now can anyone help me what should i do shouldn't they notify me when they are Transferring the case to other centers..Why are they giving wrong info.. also my 797c shows texas center And now my case has moved to nebraska and then potamac..

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Pages: 1   (Viewing page 1 of 1 ) - topics in the last 5 years

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